Nutrient rich food for children makes them smarter and healthier

Get a free prescription for healthy food for your child! A doctor says to call the toll free numbers for benefits so you can see if you are eligible for supplemental nutrition support. Increasing access to healthy food for low-income children may be one of the best prescriptions available according to a Minneapolis physician. It can increase the likelihood of childhood development within normal limits and good health....more

What is Joan Steffend, Star of Decorating Cents, doing now?

If life is like a play, then fifty-some year old Joan Steffend is in her fourth act. The first three included actor, news anchor, and television host. Now add speaker, author and non-profit leader....more

Food Day rivals Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Food benefits (aka food stamps) arriving on electronic debit cards at the beginning of the month creates a mob of shoppers.  It is a new twist on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Perhaps it could be called Food Day for the 46 million people who benefit from national food support. So many people shop immediately when they get their monthly benefits it rivals more famous shopping days....more

Quilt Historian Releases Web-site Identifying Quilt Kits

Rosie Werner has compiled pictures and information about 4,000 quilt kits. Her labor of love is behind the vast resource now available on the web. QuiltkitID is the site that allows you to find pictures and information about 20th century quilt kits. No business plan propelled it. Instead, an interest was ignited that became a passion....more

Following a legend: Tim Cook must fill the shoes of Steve Jobs at Apple

“You can replace an executive, but you can’t replace a founder.” (Anonymous Investor) This year I worked with two organizations who were led by successful founders. The founders were leaving and the followers were, well, floundering. They knew that a new leader was necessary and that things would never be the same again. I learned new concepts like ‘Founder Separation,’ ‘Succession Planning’ and ‘On-Boarding Successors’. Susan Kenny Stevens is an expert on founders, especially in the nonprofit sector....more

Oprah: Role model of self-disclosure?

What can you can do to connect with people as powerfully as Oprah?  Oprah has ended her daytime TV reign. Other talk show hosts are jockeying for audience share. We are left to wonder: how did she do it? Connect with people? Build a powerful audience? Self-disclosure may explain some of her popularity. My introduction to self-disclosure theory came in graduate school. One professor was a fervent fan of it....more

Do You Want to be an Author?

NORTHFIELD, MN (3-23-11) – If you have a story or two in you, how do you share it? Busy Mom and elementary teacher Mary Bleckwehl didn’t set out to be an author. She unexpectedly found herself hospitalized while on vacation in Hawaii. Her idea of writing a book was born there. Henry! you’re late AGAIN! is Mary Bleckwehl’s first children’s picture book....more

Turning Trash into Cash

Many companies will pay your school or nonprofit organization for saving their product labels. If you walked past a dime on the ground, would you pick it up and then throw it away? Of course not! Each time you throw away a ‘box top for education’ label it is just like throwing away a dime. When you clip out the label and give it to your school they can send it to the company and receive a payment for it. That is how you turn trash into cash.  “Why throw away things that you can get money for?” asks parent Karen Roback....more

Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad

Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad Be inspired by the story of a woman who helped change slavery into freedom. Guest Writer: Jenna Scheffert, age 13   Imagine yourself at three in the morning running for life or death. It’s cold, you’re quenched, and your hunger is thriving. You are helping others while you’re risking your own life. Dogs are barking in the distance, and the people you are helping claim that they can’t go on....more

Women entrepreneurs learn and share

Over a million women consider starting a business. Just over half do. What are the key success factors?   NORTHFIELD, MN (February 15, 2011) – Women consider starting their own business for a number of reasons. Follow their bliss. Combine work and family. Pay the bills. Business development coaches can be a key asset for start-ups. Attending an informal seminar, I found that several ideas struck home with me as an ‘emerging ‘entrepreneur. Are you starting your business for the right reasons? Make money. Pay the bills....more