13/30: Birthday - part deux

12/30: Happy birthday to me

11/30: Above the mist

10/30: Deer and watering cans

Not sure where the promised sunshine went today. I guess it was up there somewhere above all the mist. The ORF will be getting a letter from me about their promises of blue skies though. Did some work today and afterwards took advantage of the comfy couch and fell asleep for a while....more

9/30: First day

8/30: New lovely


7/30: My avocado has a winkle

6/30: A little sewing


5/30: Fireworks

It's Bonfire Night here in the UK, so here, do what I did tonight: stay in the warm and look at someone else's fireworks. The eating of too much pie for dinner afterwards is entirely optional. ...more

4/30: Friday night

I had an evening out with Suzy tonight - a good way to end the week. We ate at a regular haunt of ours, Frankie & Benny's. We love the music and the food's pretty good, but we can never remember the name quickly enough (I blame Ben & Jerry's), so it gets re-christened every time we mention it to one another. Jenny and Dingo was for some reason the last combination of names that tripped off my tongue more readily than Ben & Jerry's Frankie & Benny's....more