Where to Get a Free iPad for Your Special Needs Child

We all know apps can be great with kids – but what if your budget doesn't allow for the purchase of an iPad itself? Here are some no-cost options for getting your child (especially your child with a disability) an iPad. ...more
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Special Needs + Disability BLOG HOP on WEDNESDAYS

With a Little Moxie Do you have a child with special needs? And/or a disability yourself? Join us in our weekly special needs/disability blog hop!The completely optional prompt and photo-to-riff comes out on Monday; the BlogHop is live on Wednesday for 6 days. It's a great time to discover new friends, community and promote your favorite posts.The prompt and photo for this week are here:...more

Disabling Right-Click Save, Watermarking, HTML Code Protection, Our Kids and Online Photo Theft

It's horrifying to realize as I recently have, that someone is lifting photos off of your blog and apparently not content with mere photo theft, has created a community based on the name of your child.With the accompanying photos.This makes me every kind of ball-swinging iron-batting mad.And it makes me get on my toes to protect the images and name of my child, to prevent this from happening to others as well.Here are 3 pieces of critical information - regarding disabling right-click save, adding HTML code to lock down your photos in preventing them from being opened in a new window and also on watermarking your photos with picasa....more
This works if I am trying to save a picture from the compter however it does not work if I am ...more

Traveling in Mexico. With Kids. Camping.

I have been posting as much as I can (with our highly limited internet access) to our family travel blog, OhGo (Oh! The Places We Go). OhGo is a huge labour of love - months and months in the making. I hit big brick walls called CSS and HTML and WordPress and Themes and Domains and loads of other stumbling blocks that would have had a saner person give up a whole long time. But what can I say, other than I quit smoking? ...more
Oh my Oh my - those are fantastic photos and I SO wish I was there.  We live in Alaska and have ...more

well baby, baby be well

With a Little MoxieWe went in for our Well Baby check right before Christmas and it was just a wild whirl of wellness...more

The Intellectually Disabled, Institutions and a Great Documentary

With a Little Moxie The Intellectually Disabled, Institutions and a Great Documentary ABC ran a special last week on the story of the Cox family, their adoption of the delightful Mia Kareen and the situation that currently exists in the Ukraine (and other Eastern European countries). If you didn't see it, you should be able to catch it here. It was beautiful and achingly haunting - knowing how many children truly suffer from not having a family. How people could treat people - children! - worse than most animals are treated in an American animal shelter. ...more


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spilled milk

  Spilled milk, on the table...more