Sigma Beauty is Having a Sale!

This post contains sponsored links.  In case anyone has missed it, Sigma is having a sale until the 29th for 20% off! I'm a huge believer that investing in makeup brushes is well-worth it. The promo code is: SBAP20You can visit Sigma's site HERE.   ...more

Lip Products Worth Getting Excited Over - OCC Stained Gloss Lip Tars

I am a complete makeup junkie, but I'd say lip products are generally one of my favorites if I had to choose between them all ... but just by a smidge!When I first came across Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics a few years ago I was so excited to try them out. For a girl who LOVES color, it was like heaven looking over all the different shades--and they're cruelty-free to boot! I made my first purchase and after some experimentation with application, I determined I loved them. ...more

Zoya Sunshine - An Unexpected Surprise Fall Beauty Win!

I am not a huge fall beauty fan when it comes to anything aside from face products and some lipsticks. Strange given that fall is my absolutely favorite season (especially here in New England where we get the best of it in my opinion), but it's true. Why? Well, I like bright colors! I love brights and and fall tends to be dark jewel tones. It's just not my cup of tea....more