Newest Obsession: Home Fix It Shows

A dangerous thing happened to me this summer.  Like any normal summer, the school bell rang and I was off to enjoy my short break.  Yet, within a few days of the start of my summer vacation, I decided to paint a bathroom.  Of course I Googled "Paining a Bathroom" and was immediately taken to see HGTV's "Property Brothers."...more

Say Hello to the Big Guns - The Ultimate Arm Workout

Have you ever looked at a drop dead gorgeous shirt and really wanted it, only to have your arms stop you from getting it? Not that your arms could not reach and pick up the top, but that the waving triceps stopped you from trying it on. Hello!   Not to mention your back, you'd never want people seeing your back right now! ...more

Family Fitness

One of the hard things about being a family is finding things all of us can do that we all enjoy. Sure we could go out to eat, but ya know it's nice to make fitness a family affair, and with three boys ranging in ages from 15 - 20, it's increasingly hard to do. I'm blessed with three kids who love sports. I've got two basketball players and one soccer player, so most sports tend to be competition, we have to work at something we all love. ...more

Why did I teach him to walk?

Friday the 15th quickly approaches in my home.  Last year it happened on the 13th (which seemed appropriate) but this year it's the 15th. It's ironic really, from the moment you find out you are pregnant you can't wait for you babies next milestone.  They are born, learn to smile, sit up, crawl and walk.  Then it's potty training, Kindergarten, friends, sleep overs, camp, learners permit, driver's license, graduation and now, it's almost Friday the 15th. ...more

Weightlifting: No longer boys only!

   When you say the words "weight lifter" do you see big men with muscles bulging out of their necks?  If so, the next time you say it, look in the mirror.  You my friend, need to start lifting weights to help you maintain lifelong fitness. According to lifting weights helps keep our metabolism running at full speed.  According to the article... ...more

Fiber and Fitness

  Fiber brings about cringes and looks of disdain from many of us when the word is mentioned.  Recently I decided to look at the benefits of fiber, and why we need to make sure we eat enough of it. First, when most of us think of fiber we think of those tablets or chalky powders you add to your food.  None of those thoughts make me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside.   ...more

Kicking the Stress Habit

Life can be stressful!  Even the things that normally bring us great pleasure can cause us stress at time.  Take for example a coversation I had recently with my oldest son.   ...more

Books vs Movies - Why do kids prefer movies?

Recently I spent some time with a few great friends talking about how much we prefer books over the movies made from them.  This came to pass after the recent trailer release for the movie Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. ...more

Setting Fitness Goals

I've recently started the habit of fitness blogging.  It's something I never thought I would do, but it's something I've found I really enjoy.  My friends talked me into this endeavor one night over dinner as they grew tired of me telling them how I stayed fit, especially since this normally occured after they'd realized something they were doing wasn't working for them. ...more



Thanks for the comment, I love your blog.  It's nice to know other ...more

Book Review: A Yellow Raft in Blue Water by Michael Dorris

A Yellow Raft in Blue Water by Michael Dorris is an intriguing novel that tells the stories of three Native American women. These three women, the daughter, mother and grandmother have their own unique perspectives of each other, and by hearing all three stories, the reader gets a unique perspective on the family. ...more