The 18-23 "Know-It-All" Stage Most Painful for Parents

Most of us parents start seeing the Know-it-all phase in teenagers starting right around age twelve.  Suddenly we, as parents; become idiots and the kids think they are smarter than we are.  We deal with various phases of this stage throughout the rest of their teenage years....more

Kids Finally Launched - Now What Do I Do With Myself?

So the adult kids are finally on their own.  They have jobs and their own places.  They are even out of town now.  One is engaged and planning a winter wedding.  The babies of the family have graduated from High School and are off to college in a month.  Mom's nest is going to be empty....more

Failure to Launch: Why Won't My Adult Children Leave the Nest?

Now with three adult children I am still finding that I continue to learn my job as a parent is not finished and I still have things to learn. How I interact with my adult children and what I both expect and tolerate from them continues to evolve -- and in some cases needs to evolve. I also have found in my wise older age that sometimes as I try to help my adult children it results in holding them back. I have a 21- and 23-year-old that seem to be in a holding pattern because we keep helping them out when they lose their jobs and have no place to stay. Then they don't look for new jobs very aggressively and they allow the rest of us to pay their bills, etc....more
Wow, all I can say is you are not alone.  I have an 18 and 21 year old, both going to school and ...more

Parenting Adult Kids

 Once they leave home you aren't done.  The life of a mother of grown children is different but always interesting.  Your life changes and their life changes and its always interesting.  Letting go but always being there takes a special juggling act that is far different than the way things were when they were home....more

Finding My Writing Voice

I am still working on finding my writing voices online.  I seem to have a few themes.  I’m not sure I understand how some zero in on a single theme unless they have another outlet for their other voices elsewhere.  I seem to have a multitude of voices and themes. ...more

Writing My Heart Hurdles

I have been all over the internet and struggled with various formats to find my niche and comfort levels with what I want to write and who I want to reach to. I like BlogHer for certain reasons and a certain format. So here I am. I've found a voice here and hope to both share, vent and seek answers about the struggles of writing. ...more

Disability Versus Other Aid

I am on social security disability.  Because I have two underage children still at home I also receive SSI benefits for them.  Strangely enough, the amount of money I receive thas been deemed by the state of Nevada to disqualify me for medicaid and food stamps.  I find this ridiculous. Without medicaid I have to make payments of nearly $600 to carry my Cobra benefits from my previous employer.  They are well aware of that.  Therefore, by denying me medicaid and food stamps they have effectively left me with a negative balance. ...more

The Dreaded Mammogram

Being of the over forty group I should be getting Mammograms every year.  A recent twinge and burn finally motivated me into scheduling one that was "over two years" past due.  The scheduling person of course had to point that out to me.  As if I didn't already have a pretty good idea it had been that long.  Ok so why do I put it off? ...more

On Weddings and Wedding Rings

I found myself looking longingly at wedding rings the other day.  I gazed through the brightly lit jewelry case to all those well lit diamonds and platinum settings.  In my day when I actually had a brief reason to look they were gold, yellow gold as it is called today.  Now its more fashionable to be white gold or the more expensive platinum.  ...more

Well I did go out and buy myself a diamond ring.  It isn't a wedding set but its beautiful.  ...more

Taking Teens Shopping

I had the rare opportunity of taking three 14 year old girls shopping for back to school clothes and school supplies this year.  It was quite the experience.  One I don't recommend anyone braving without fireprotection around their wallet and a helmet.  The helmet is for the headbanging you will resort to while they make up their minds. ...more