The Challenges of Being an Introvert

*stands up* *shuffles nervously* *clears throat* Hello. My name’s Ruth and I am an introvert. Would you believe that it has taken me 31 years to say that? Most of those years have been taken up with saying other things. No, I’m not anti-social. No, I’m not shy. No, it’s not that I hate people, or that I hate you, or that I’m a badly brought up Awkward Annie. I’m just an introvert. ...more

A Guide to Twitter for non-Tweeters

I was out for coffee the other day with a non-tweeting friend. “So what’s Twitter actually like?” she asked.I ummed and ahhed, and explained it all very badly, mumbling some fairly dry stuff about retweets and hashtags and follows. She didn’t look convinced. So I’ve been thinking about it ever since, and here’s what I’ve come up with. Twitter Network by Sue Waters via Flickr...more
Great metaphor, now can you explain hashtags to me, and those tiny urls, abbreviations that take ...more

Kids Birthday Parties: Yes or No?

I hate birthday parties.Not just a little bit, but a lot. Can’t stand them.I had my first ‘proper’ birthday party – meaning that there were friends invited rather than just family – when I turned eight. Bless my mother who had to organise the thing just a few weeks after a divorce and a house-move. I am quite sure that there was delicious cake and lovely party bags and lots of fun to be had… but about ten minutes into the party I was in floods of tears having been given some over-enthusiastic ‘birthday bumps’ and that remains my abiding memory of the day....more

Finding -- and Sticking With -- an Online Community

For the first time in ages, I was having a wee look at my Flickr account last night. I’m not sure what surprised me more; the fact that I haven’t uploaded any photos since last July, or the fact that even though I haven’t uploaded any photos since last July, I’ve still had about 60,000 views!...more
A very thoughtful post! I joined a parenting message board just over 10 years ago. I never would ...more

Postnatal Depression: My Story

I don’t know what’s come over me. I seem to be in a confessional mood. Not content with sharing the details of my birth experience last week, I’m now going to post about postnatal depression too. This is going to be a long post, so bear with me.The benefit of waiting three years is that it I will (hopefully) write about it more coherently than I could have done at the time. In general my mental health is pretty good. ...more

Who would you invite to your fantasy Christmas Dinner?

If you fancy writing the guest list for your own fantasy Christmas Dinner after reading this, please head over to my blog and leave a link to your post in the comments....more
I love this post! I think when I have time I will do a "who would you have at your New Year's ...more

For Sale: 2 Bedroom Flat, scuffed paintwork, full of love

It’s strange how - when you know you’re going to be moving - you start to look around where you live and see things in a completely different way. Even before the For Sale sign has gone up outside, and the first potential buyers have stepped in the door, it stops being quite so much of a ‘home’ and starts turning back into just ‘a house’....more

The One Where We Move to London

The One Where We Move to LondonYou have *no idea* how hard it has been to sit on this news until all the relevant contracts have been signed and sealed. I’ve been itching to tell you… sitting on my fingers to stop myself pressing publish.DorkyDad has accepted an exciting new job with an international charity based in London. I’m incredibly proud of him for taking on such a big challenge, and trying to use the knowledge and experience he has from working in higher education to benefit another sector....more

The End of the Edinburgh Festival (and I feel fine)

So it’s the final weekend of the Edinburgh Fringe! Thank goodness. Fun though it has been, it’s time for life to calm down again… or at least time to start drinking a little less and sleeping a little more....more