Step Sing anyone?

Alright, so who knows anything about Samford University's Step Sing CHAOS??...more

The Break is OVER

Although many of you can say that you have been back in school for a few weeks, I, thankfully, have only been back for ONE week :) Thus, I apologize for my long hiatus from blogging. My Christmas break was exceptionally long and much needed (including from blogging). So, I will very hesitatingly say, good to be back in class, with a schedule, getting this last semester out the way.I know my Christmas holidays are always focused on family and work, and friends of course. I work my butt off. Did any of ya'll work? If so, where? What did ya'll do for your Christmas break?...more

Got to talk about the Saints, SORRY!

Ok, so if I haven't told you before, I am from New Orleans, LA. And, we do things really weird, crazy, awesome in NOLA....if you haven't been there, I would highly recommend going. Not even necessarily during Mardi Gras (though that is so fun), but maybe Jazz Fast (April/May), Voodoo Fest (October) or for the Sugar Bowl every January. Anyways, this season, (just in case you have been living under a rock), the New Orleans Saints are ROCKING IT OUT. Quick stats on the Saints:-Founded in 1966-We are rated FIRST in the NFC South right now!...more

Christmas Time is Here

Between final projects, papers, presentations, tests, exams and moving, I am just now getting to write another blog! The ends of semesters while in college are always, ALWAYS, insane. Professors cram assigning final projects, papers, etc to the last minute. Students cram doing the final projects, papers, etc to the last minute. Then come final exams. Then, most students pack to go home. Everyone gets overwhelmed with family and the year doesn't slow down until after New Years!...more

Sorority Parties

Everyone knows one of the funnest parts of being a college student is all the parties we get to go to, especially if you are in a sorority or fraternity! This Saturday night is my formal (my last formal ever) and I am so excited. I love the opportunity to dress up and go out on a date! We are having it at Gabriella Manor. Apparently this place is awesome. Can't wait to check it out myself. Should be a really great time. ...more

Hold on...

Hold on guys. Keep pressing on. We are in our final stretch of Fall 2009 and though everyone is anxiously awaiting Thanksgiving next Thursday (YAY!) and Christmas in 5 1/2 weeks (no one is counting :/), we must press forward with the end of the semester!...more



Holiday Decor

Halloween always reminds me of costumes and decorations for the upcoming series of Holidays!...more

Happy Halloween

Happy, belated, Halloween to ya'll! I hope everyone had a fun, and safe night last night. Halloween is always so fun in college. There are always many parties to choose from and crazy costumes to wear. I came home this Halloween. For the first time in four years, Halloween fell on the weekend so I could come home for my Maw Maw (my grandmother, for all you non-Louisiana people) and my Moma's Birthdays! After we celebrated, I met up with my cousins to further celebrate All Hallows Eve. It was a great night. What did ya'll do? Any fun parties?...more

I am BACK!