A Much Loved Ginger Beast

You knew this pattern was coming, didn’t you? I just had to wait until I didn’t tear up every time I thought about Ginger. She passed away in June at 14 years-old ....more

The Ultimate Impulse Purchase

I am guilty of a serious impulse purchase. It’s been two months since we lost Ginger and I think of her every day. I miss having a dog around the house ....more

Our Mini Mainecation

In an effort to salvage a tiny bit of summer before school begins next week, we took a couple of days this week and went to Portland. We wandered downtown and enjoyed the scenery of Portland Harbor and Casco Bay. We took in a Sea Dogs baseball game which was lots of fun ....more

Fields of Gold

The fading purples of fireweed give way to cheerful fields of goldenrod. ...more

The Power of Chicken Poo

We abandoned use of the Girls’ chicken run this year after a portion rusted out and we found a raccoon visiting. Our plan is to rebuild a smaller run with a covered slanted roof. I can’t imaging any better visual for the power of chicken poo ....more

A Solitary Tree on a Foggy Day

The past few days here along the coast have been crazy foggy. The floors are wet, drawers are sticking, and it’s impossible to dry clothes without the dryer. At times the fog has been so thick that from the river’s bank, you cannot see the river ....more

Morning Light on the River

The soft quality of the morning light from the bridge overlooking the Chandler River in Jonesboro ....more

Something About Tiger Lilies

There’s something about old-fashioned tiger lilies that pulls at my heart strings. My first memories of the flower are from about age 8 or so. Near my grandmother’s house, there was a wild unkempt border of them along a country road ....more

Black-eyed Susans on the Barrens

Driving through the Downeast Maine countryside today, I was struck by the way wild Black-Eyed Susan flowers framed this blueberry barren in yellow. Upon closer look the barren greens fade to blue with the berries plumping up ready for harvest. Soon the barrens will turn crimson, signaling the end of summer ....more

Monster Garlic

I’ve grown garlic for almost as many years as I’ve lived in Maine. It’s one of those veggies that I consistently have good luck with. Last October, I planted just shy of 90 cloves in two of my hugelkulture beds where I grew cucumbers and pumpkins earlier in the season ....more