Personal Plumbing

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Trinket or Treasure?(Don’t throw away the best stuff)

 A major problem in our society is that we don’t know the difference between trinkets and treasures. As it relates to our wellness, we discard the part of the fruit or vegetable that brings the highest nutritional value to the table. Often times, the best part is hard, distasteful,unattractive and difficult to isolate. We like things that are easy, pretty and within arms reach....more

Determined to be Well

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Jumping for Freaking Joy

Excited to be Living...more

Life Excites Life Excites Life


I love being Naked!

Nude I remember the very first time when I discovered nude as a color. I always understood nude only to mean naked,or without clothing. However, one  day when my grandmother got dressed for church and I saw her sit on the side of her bed and roll, what look like to me, a layer of transparent skin, up her legs. She was putting on a pair of thigh high stockings....more

What you won't do for love?

-What you won’t do for love? ...more