TOP 3 Worst Media Messages on Body Image of 2011...and it's only May!

#3. Skechers Shape-ups marketed to young girls ...more

Why on EARTH does a "kid" on Glee need Botox? Aren't kids fresh-looking ...more

Worst Media Messaging: May, 2011 - Childhood Obesity

I simply could not resist sharing this with you.  Sadly, these are REAL billboards!  Michael Katz, MD, MSPresident,


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As for parents...I wrote ...more

What every Medical/Nursing Assistant should know about drugs used to treat PAIN!

For those of you who have considered a (new) career as a Medical/Nursing Assistant, I would ask you to consider the field of Pain Management. Why?...Because there are SO MANY opportunities in the field of Pain Management. Many doctors, from Neurologists to Psychiatrists to Chiropractors use Pain Management in their practice, so you MULTIPLY your chances of landing a job by focusing on this field. If you're looking for a leg-up on the competition, try this: Medical Bootcamp! Only the stuff you need to know: Pain Management ...more

Adult Selective Eating and Orthorexia: Are they real diseases?

Two new “potential eating disorders” have been in the news recently, and we here at want to set the record straight....more

I'm really very proud to have published my 2nd eBook in the MEDICAL BOOTCAMP! series - this time ...more

A special note on special treats

Be it Easter, birthday cake, Halloween candy or a trip to the local ice cream parlor, treats are, by definition, a rarity. They are that little something special – that little extra. You and your children should absolutely feel free to enjoy these moments....more

Is someone Stalking my Anorexic Child?

As reported in The Guardian, April 6, 2011, pornography agencies specializing in anorexic images are beginning to target young women who post on Anorexia websites.  One email sent to a girl who posted pictures of herself starts as follows:  ...more

Confusion about Family-Based Treatment (FBT) of Eating Disorders

Family-Based Treatment (FBT) is a widely used technique for treating teenagers with anorexia. However, it is often misunderstood – much to the detriment of those teenagers who could benefit. We hope this short article will give you the information you need to make better decisions regarding FBT....more