Better Judo in One Word

Someone on twitter asked me for advice on how to make his judo better. I told him one word - attack.My students at Gompers Middle School may not have perfect technique but one thing people in Kansas City commented on over and over is that they are not afraid to get out on the mat and try to throw.Too many people in judo are afraid to even try to throw their opponent. They are afraid they will get countered ....more

Matrix Algebra, Just Because

I was talking to a friend of mine today who had taken a test for a new job recently and he had a hard time with the math portion of it. We were in college about the same time and he did perfectly fine in math, but it had been a while. This got me to thinking that I should review things like matrix algebra from time to time, just because it has been a while since I had any need to multiply a matrix without a computer ....more

What Was Learned in Kansas City: Part 1

We went to the Midwest Freestyle Judo Championships and it was another great experience. My Gompers Judo students learned a lot, including: You can try things that scare you, like flying on a plane for the first time, leaving your parents for the first time, competing in a judo tournament away from home for the first time, and surprise yourself by how well you handle it. People who look nothing like you and seemingly have very little in common can still turn out to be really nice ....more

Flickering screens, stalled machines and not working like it used to

One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results. One thing that can drive programmers insane is doing the same thing over again and GETTING different results. In a past life, working in tech support, I learned that whenever anyone calls and says, I did it exactly like your example and it didn’t work for me ....more

Matrix of plots with SAS

When I was running out to the airport, I said I would explain how to get a single plot of all of your scatter plots with SAS. Let’s see if I can get this posted before the plane lands. Not likely but you never know … It’s super simple proc sgscatter data=sashelp.heart ; matrix ageatdeath ageatstart agechddiag mrw / group= sex ; And there you go ....more

Websurfing multivariate statistics

My life is upside down. All day, as my job, I spent writing a program to get a little man to run around a maze, come out the other end and have a new screen come up with a math challenge question. Then, in the evening, I’m surfing the web for interesting bits to read on multivariate statistics ....more

SAS Studio – where and wow

I’m pretty certain I did not deliberately hide these folders. When I opened up my new and improved SAS Studio, it had tasks but my programs were missing. If this happens to you and you are full of sadness missing your programs, look to the top right of your screen where you see some horizontal lines ....more

Sticking a landing: Getting the most out of practice

I had the privilege today of working with a group of young people in a West Coast Judo Training Center practice held in Long Beach.We did a lot of matwork drills and one of the points I tried to make is that there is little benefit in rushing through your matwork moves in a half-ass fashion. If you're doing your drills at less than full speed or less than perfectly, you are missing the point. When I looked through this blog to find an example, I found a lot of them, which just goes to show that I practice what I preach ....more

Will it matter in 2026?

I doubt I'll ever do this but it's an interesting thought .... You hear about people writing letters to their younger selves giving advice, or finding a diary from 15 or 20 years ago and marveling about how much their lives have changed. I was thinking the next time I get really upset about something, I should write a letter to myself to be opened 12 years from now ....more

FINALLY we look like we know what we’re doing

Yes, I do realize that I’m probably far more excited about our new website coming on line that is normal. Several points here on a Friday night: I completely disagree with those entrepreneurs who say, “You sell the sizzle not the steak” when what they mean is that they really don’t have a good product but just a good story a.k.a. a line of bullshit. I think we have benefited from never hiring anyone in our company who has experience as a middle manager ....more