I’m upset that I’m not perfect: Rant on grant writing and success

I’m upset that I’m not perfect and I’m also very tired. The Invisible Developer asked me tonight if I had a list of all of the grants that I’d had funded in my career. ...more

UNITE 2014: Lessons and Observations

Last week was very productively spent at Unite 2014 learning about all things Unity. In case you are not into game development, Unity...more

Ronda Knows, Fight Chix and Working things out

Celebrity has its costs and one of them is learning how many real creeps there are in the world. Just about every week, it seems, a new website pops up claiming to be "Ronda Rousey's official website" and selling merchandise with her name, autograph and/or picture.In case you are wondering, here is her real website rondarousey.net .One things that makes these people even bigger dirt bags is the fact that the only autographed stuff Ronda ever has for sale is auctioned off on ebay and the proceeds go to charity. Here are a few that benefited this year: St ....more

I'm Rationally Mean

Last night, I saw this video where my lovely daughter, Ronda, told the media that I made her get on the mat and do push-ups 6 days after her knee surgery, which is true. She said that after her last fight, she had both knee surgery and stitches in her hand, so I came over to her house, told her that her stomach was fine and made her do her ab workout in front of me. That is also true ....more

Happy Birthday to me - and then this happened

Today is my 56th birthday and we had plans to have the whole family go to Jiraffe's, a very nice French restaurant in Santa Monica, reservations, dressing for dinner and the whole nine yards.I left at 2:20 to go pick up the lovely Julia De Mars at prep school 90 miles away. It took me about 2 1/2 hours in traffic and just as I turned off to the entrance to her school I got TWO flat tires.I should point out that beautiful as the campus is, it is smack in the middle of nowhere. No tow trucks ....more


Lately, I’ve been working on a report that uses eight datasets that all have the same problems with the usernames. In addition to needing to remove every username that contained the word “test” or “intern” we also needed to delete specific names of the classroom teachers who had played the game. We needed to correct names that were misspelled ....more

Jesse Jones - Semper Fi

I knew Jesse Jones for more than half of my life. We met when I was 23 years old and just moved to San Diego. He refereed my matches, coached my competitors and 25 years later when my children were competing, he was refereeing their matches and running national championships in which they competed.He was the tournament director for the first junior nationals Ronda ever won - she was 12 years old.If you never knew Jesse, you missed out ....more

These are a few of my favorite PROCs: I. Import

A few years ago, I was at the Western Uses of SAS Software conference...more

SAS Character Function Love

Finishing up my second paper for WUSS next month and I have been thinking about the usefulness of character functions in a world where it sometimes seems like everyone is just put on this earth to irritate the hell out of me. Take this problem, for example, In analyzing the data for our games, we have all sorts of...more

I Hate Fake People: Part 1

I just got back from a week in Kauai, so you'd think I'd be in a good mood - and I am, in general. I didn't particularly want to go on vacation. I LIKE working all of the time, and I did work about half the time on vacation ....more