How Not to Get Your Sorry Ass Fired: Part 4

As you have no doubt brilliantly deduced from the title, this is installment number four in Mama AnnMaria’s Guide on How Not to Get Your Sorry Ass Fired. Dead guy Do the work you are assigned to do. This may seem like anyone with a brain functioning above zombie...more

And another thing .... more warning labels on people

Yesterday, I wrote a post about how some people should come with warning labels, and signs that you should stay away. Today, I thought of two others: If Bob is more interested in "your"...more

Warning Labels on People

I was talking to Samantha the other day about someone who had a co-worker who was pretty much a psychopath. She asked why would a person choose to work with anyone like that and I said, It's not as if people come with warning labels - which is an oversight, if you think of it, because there is not much that needs a warning label more than people. Which got me to thinking, what would be warning signs to stay away from a person? ...more

SAS on an iPad in a Soccer Field: Testing Homework Limits

It has been pretty well established that I am the worst soccer mom in the history of soccer moms. Most of the games I miss because I am somewhere else. My children have told me that my autobiography should be entitled, “I was out of town at the time” because most of the stories of their childhood begin this way ....more

Women in STEM at ELAC

Is that enough acronyms for you? I’ll be speaking at Celebrating Equity: Women in STEM at ELAC. STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics ELAC – East Los Angeles College It’s 12:15 – 1:15 pm and it is free ....more

Why biostatistics is confusing and how to make it less so

Getting ready to teach biostatistics in a few weeks and it seems to me that the real confusion in most cases is not the calculations, which can be fairly simple, but rather that there can be several ways of looking at the same question. Let’s take “risk” as an example. What is the “risk” of diabetes? ...more

The Value of Mean Parents

This morning, my sister and her lovely daughter took Julia to the gym to run three miles while I was still asleep. I did what I do every day, worked most of the day, including fixing a few bugs and recording an interview for the Red Man Laughing podcast.While Julia was back, working on her pre-calculus homework, I got to thinking about how different this is from when Ronda was younger. When she was 11, 12 or 13 years old, I was getting her up every morning and making her run, driving her to judo every night ....more

My mini-memoir

I worked late on the games last night, both updates for our current games and bug fixes in Forgotten Trail, which is under development. So, I got up at 11 am. I heard the phone ringing around 10, but I just turned over and went back to sleep.This got me thinking about how differently I saw our lives during some of the years covered in My Fight/ Your Fight ....more

Statistics in My Life

Any time I hear someone brag, “I’ve never used X in my life,” I automatically assume that whatever it is, they haven’t learned it very well. Just about everything I’ve learned has come in useful, and the better I learned it, the more useful it is. Take statistics, for example ....more

Vantage Point on My Fight/ Your Fight

I'm in a bit of a unique position, with one of my children writing a memoir about her life, and the sportswriter co-authoring it being my other daughter.Having read half of the book after the Fast and Furious 7 premiere last night, I have a few things to say.First of all, My Fight/ Your Fight is a really good book. It's well-written and a good story. Sales have been impressive for a book that won't be out for another six weeks ....more