What I Learned at the Women's Judo Camp

In Denver airport on my way home from the women's judo camp. It was GREAT!...more

Be an anti-hoarder

Just arrived in Denver for the Women's Judo Camp that started tonight. You can still come in for a day or two if you are in the area. However, I happened to find this post on my iPad I had never uploaded ....more

Mom! That Evaluator Keeps Looking at Me!

If I were to give one piece of advice to a would-be program evaluator, it would be to get to know your data so intimately it’s almost immoral. Generally, program evaluation is an activity undertaken by someone with a degree of expertise in research methods and statistics (hopefully!) using data gathered and entered by people’s whose interest is something completely different, from providing mental health services to educating students. Because their interest in providing data is minimal, your interest in checking that data better be maximal ....more

The Secret Life of Evaluators, with SAS

At the Western Users of SAS Software conference (yes, they DO know that is WUSS), I’ll be speaking about using SAS for evaluation. “If the results bear any relationship at all to reality, it is indeed a fortunate coincidence.” I first read that in a review of research on expectancy effects, but I think it is true of all types of research. This is me on my soapbox Here is the interesting thing about evaluation – you never know what kind of data you are going to get....more

Filter Data with SAS Enterprise Guide: Even More Useful than You Think

Occasionally, a brave student will ask me, When will I ever use this? The “this” can be anything from a mixed model analysis to nested arrays. (I have answers for both of those, by the way.) I NEVER get that question when discussing topics like filtering data, whether for records or variables, because it is so damn ubiquitous ....more

Write Your Own Story

Since it’s the 4th of July, I figure no one is very work-focused today and it would be a good time for one of my occasional rants. I read a book this week, The Savage Damsel and the Dwarf. It was a good story for a lots of reasons, a primary one being that it didn’t follow the usual narrative of beautiful damsel in distress rescued by charming prince ....more

Data Analysis by Example: That’s funny …

In the last post, I used SAS Enterprise Guide to filter out a couple of ‘bad’ records that came from test data, then I created a summary table of the number of questions answered and the percentage correct. Then, I calculated the mean percentage correct for the...more

The Most Useful Life Lessons I Learned

There were many reasons I admired my grandmother. She was born on a little island in the Caribbean in 1900 and died at 99, having lived in three countries, through two world wars and the invention of everything from the airplane to blow dryers to the internet. What I always aspired to most was her level of unflappability....more