I Can Do It! Happiness Key #3

Are you struggling with low self-esteem? Has your inner critic been telling you that you're incapable of dealing with life's challenges or that you're unworthy of happiness?That is a lie!  ...more

Love & Kisses to Me: Happiness Key #2!

Do you have a voice inside your head that is always criticizing you, blaming you, hating you? Perhaps it tells you that you can't do anything right, or you're stupid or ugly, or that no one loves you...To hear it talk like that make you unhappy and unable to like or love yourself...  ...more

Happiness Key #1: Conscious Awareness

Does your life feel like a series of irritants?Learn how to have Conscious Awareness and use it to discover beauty all around you! ...more

Scientifically Understand Love!

Have you ever heard of the God particle? It is also known as the Higgs Boson or Adamantine particle.It is called the God particle because it explains what existence is made off!Watch & learn as Steve Adler, a Stanford Aerospace Engineer turned Minister of the Sacred Heart, discusses the God particle & in the process gives us a scientific way to understand love! ...more

How to Be Happy by Expressing Gratitude :)!

Positive Psychology research has proved that Gratitude is the fastest way to happiness!Learn how to express gratitude from the Gratidudes, the creators of the Gratitude Dance, Brad Morris & Matthew Ashdown -- you are guaranteed to feel happier & full of zest :)! ...more

Happiness Makeover -- Week 11!

Chris is just one week away from completing her Happiness Makeover!Today she dives into Step 4 of the Makeover -- i.e. learn how to engaging her heart-based MAPS (Meaning, Authenticity, Purpose & Strengths) and foster deep inner contentment!Wouldn't you also like to know how to achieve a deep inner contentment that stays no matter your circumstances? So watch the recording below :)! ...more

Happiness Makeover -- Week 10!

Chris broke all previous Happiness Score records in Week 10 of her Happiness Makeover!We asked her heart how happy it was on a scale of 1-10.Her heart responded that it was off the charts happy at a 1,200!!!What is it like to be so happy and how did Chris achieve it?Find out by watching the recording below and be a witness as Chris enters the next phase of her life and stets the intention to be fully open to loving and being loved! ...more

Happiness Makeover -- Week 9!

Chris is grieving because her grandmother passed away and they had a very special relationship.We talk about what sustainable happiness means and looks like for Chris during this time of grief and how she can use happiness challenge tools to remain in control of her happiness.I also give Chris a Reiki healing to propel her healing process to the next level and connect spiritually with her grandmother ....more

Happiness Makeover -- Week 8!

Are people, places, circumstances & things constantly attacking your happiness?Are there things outside of your control making you unhappy?Watch and learn two great exercises that I teach Chris to help her be resilient in the face of such happiness challenges!And then I give Chris another Reiki healing to giver her confidence in her voice and overcome her insecurities.. ....more

Happiness Makeover -- Week 7!

Chris is feeling a 10 on the Happiness Scale in her heart (10 being the most happy you can be), however, her mind is still resisting being happy!Can you relate to that?See how I guide Chris into melting that resistance of her mind :) ....more