The Language of Love; an action of love dedicated to all of them, in all of us

Just got in from planting. It’s a new home for us and well, the yard has been unkempt for awhile....more

Bottom line..."Neuroticism is low"...when you're not dealing with family!

“Your score on Neuroticism is low, indicating that you are exceptionally calm, composed and unflappable. You do not react with intense emotions, even to situations that most people would describe as stressful."...more

Peace is Power...own it!

Funny, this week the word PEACE was presented and it led me to the butterfly’s and their proboscis. No longer are they chomping, instead they are sipping in the nectar of life.© Brenda Stevens...more

Heron Education; “Wouldn’t it be boring if everyone was a plastic clone of an ideal human?”

Recently was asked my opinions on “education”.Always believed in the Institutions of Higher Learning, the importance of a “degree” and today, for the first time in my life all guards are down; just like the economy....more

Live Bird Cams are TOTALLY fascinating

Posted on June 13, 2012Re...more

A-Z challenge and here is "W"

Totally love nature photography and get out in it to de-stress.Our GBE group decided to take on the A-Z challenge and talk about FUN!! Decided to focus on nature and tomorrow is "X" so this should be a real challenge!Wanted to share today some pics of WIND in Nature and how it is affecting Mr Heron's top knotch! (nuptial plume)...more

Turn Your Photography into Art with Free Programs on the Net my 100th post!!!!!!!!!!! thank you NaBloPoMo for inviting me :0) nevah thought it ...more

Cubby's Best Homemade Ice Cream in Town

Went to visit family on the west coast of Florida and wouldn’t you know, his mom craved ice cream! Now ordinarily this would be a great idea, nevertheless the temperature dropped in the 50′s. Well we searched around town and there was the sign and lo and behold it was open, we were tickled....more

Me Toil?...nevah!

Another awesome day and captured some great close ups of Florida marsh birds. Met some new and interesting species, humans too. One woman tagged along and even invited herself to come to Butterfly World with me. Maybe its loneliness, could be my receptiveness, either way, find people distracting....more

Ann Frank's Tree

Was walking in the woods the other day and a flash of orange caught my eye. “Lichen” popped into my mind, stooped down and snapped the shot....more