Female Heart Attack Symptoms

It is important to understand that female heart attack symptoms can be different from those experienced by men as not all women experience crushing chest pain going down the left side of the arm. Identifying the symptoms of an impending cardiac event, which can display up to one month in advance, is crucial in lessening or even preventing complications....more

Stress and Your Energy Bank

Stress is inevitable, you are going to have it, how you deal with it is a matter of choice.  Stress influences our feelings, and how we behave, it also alerts us to danger, this is positive.  On the other hand, too much stress (i.e., chronic and prolonged) can cause mental and physical distress and deplete our energy bank.   In an effort to cope sometimes wrong choices are made (i.e., smoking, drinking, comfort eating or engaging in addictive behaviors) in an effort to relax....more

Exercise Touted as the New Miracle Drug for Stable Ischemic Heart Disease

From the time  we start school we engage in daily physical activity.  We participate in after school sporting events, such as soccer, football, volleyball, basketball, baseball, swimming, track and field.  For some, exercise became a daily habit, like brushing your teeth.  The cardiovascular benefit of exercise for the prevention of heart disease is a proactive approach, and according to Journal of the American Medical Association[...more

Risk Factor—Depression in Women

There are numerous studies that link depression and heart disease more strongly in women than in men. Anxiety also is linked to women who have suffered heart attacks. Anxiety is a normal reaction to a stressor. Women’s worries and anxieties may show up in the body through physical symptoms like back pain, sleeplessness, or stomach discomfort. However, for people who have had a heart attack, anxiety can affect us by manifesting as chest pain and subsequent heart attacks, as well as in the kinds of body/mind/spirit depression described in my book....more

Heart Attack: Early Warning Signs for Women

Knowing the early warning signs of heart attack is critical. There are vital gender differences in the body’s early warnings that a heart attack may occur or is occurring....more