Natural Life's Kids Instruction Manual

Our family has always been close, and lived life to it's fullest. I am married to my best friend, and enjoy sharing that with 3 kids. We live in Montana, so while our kids were growing up, we utilized our surroundings. We have traditionally: hiked, hunted, camped, fished, and spent most moments outside together. Great. Summer time hit when the kids were 16,15 and 13. The snow is mostly gone from our living area in May, and it is time for our first trip to the lake. Love it...The kids for the first time object with......more

Did I Really Just Ask My Husband That?

This is the moment I realized I should not throw open ended questions regarding body image:...more

Sexting Before Hunting Season

So my husband has been away on a business trip. On the day has was to come home, I started getting butterflies. He truly is my best friend, and I miss him when he is gone. So I wanted to connect with him on some level. He was in a meeting, and I was in my office, so no chance for a good old fashioned phone call. I decide to text. Perfect. His text: I am packed n ready to go My text: Are you ready to come home? His text: Well ya - not been laid in weeks. (Smiley face) My text: Is that all you ever think about is sex?...more