My Christmas gift: A conversation with God.

TheSecondAct Generation after generation, you watched as man did all he could to be right with you.  Cultures all over the world have engaged in sacrifice to make atonement for their sinful humanity.  Your people were no different and you provided a sacrificial system to allow them the same…and this was only a shadow of the wonder to come.  But their sacrifices were but a temporary solution to an eternal problem….that someday we would stand before you to give an account of our life.  All the sacrifices i...more

My Journey Into the Abyss...Building My Website

TheSecondAct Designing my first website...oh do I have much to learn!

Self Care & Owning A Small Business

TheSecondAct This is a post I wrote about the importance of self care when navigating small business ownership. tp://

I Caved...My Battle With Technology

TheSecondAct Read how I fought the battle and .....well...I can't really say that I lost....but I did cave!

Negative self-talk..Our Nemesis

The other day I attended a conference with a colleague. A colleague I have never had much of an opportunity to learn about until this day. What I learned about myself and women in general was quite thought provoking.  We are consumed with the process of convincing ourselves that all of the other women out there (that we perceive as successful) are smarter, more capable, more talented, more professional, better dressed, prettier, on and on.  Am I ringing any bells out there ladies? Am I right? Let’s call my co-worker “Mary” to protect the innocent....more

Awake, Awake (Early morning with God)

Awake, Awake. Early morning stillness wraps itself around creation. The break of day gently spills over the roof tops and trees. One by one the birds come awake - as they sing their morning song to me. Soon The stillness, song and light have filled my heart. ...more

“Some days I think I know the Truth and feel I am guided from Above. But at other times I feel ...more

Getting older.... let's not take ourselves too seriously!

Sunday night and I finally arrived home after a three and a half hour drive from our place in the mountains. It’s always bittersweet when I have to come home. I absolutely believe I was born to be in the mountains!  I love the drive. I am always amazed at how much thinking I do on my way.  Are you a thinker?  Do most women think non-stop?...more

Life is too short to say "I don't know how."

As you may have gathered if you read my other blog posts, I write about aging, getting older, the second half of life.....and what it means....real-time. I have become acutely aware of a glaring defect in my personality. Although I long to do certain things...some of which I mentioned earlier, I seem to have drifted through life never having embarked on many of these dreams.  Now, I am not saying that I am actually called to such. As I wrote in an earlier blog...I am not talking about riding my bike across the United States....more

A 50 year old ignoring the truth about her fitness or lack thereof

Here I am at 50, fixing up a newly purchased house for a potential tenant. Of course my husband is partnering with me in this the way, he is 60 and neither of us are what you would call "buff", "ripped" or "fit."  You could say that we are couch potatoes who have begun a new chapter in our life together... one that requires us to get up off our duffs for a change! My husband asked me what we were going to do today up at the house....more

Livin' on the edge after 50

All my life I have had ideas, dreams, aspirations....things that I wanted to accomplish but never did because life happened.  At 50 I now choose to toss caution to the wind... live on the edge... bite off more than I can chew... and begin doing some of my dreams.  Now, I am not talking about climbing Mount Everest here ladies! I am not even talking about going bungee jumping or parachuting!...more