My surprise is 20 today!

I can't believe it...My youngest is 20 today. No more teenagers. But, What does this really mean? We think of it as a disconnect of some sort. But, in reality, as a parent, you never stop doing anything you did the previous 19 yrs. I remember fantasizing about the time all three of my sons would be grown and independent. As wonderful as that all sounds, you still in some aspects want to remain in control of their lives. ...more

Grandbabies & Sleepless nights?

When you start your family life is bliss. As the children start to grow there is a time when you start to look forward to having your house back. Id be lying if i said i don't love having my grandson visit. Any grandparent would be lying, I think? Ayden James is my little lovie. He brightens any mood. They spent the night last night. Its 4 am, and im awake because Ayden is having a tough night. All babies have a hard time in a new routine. I should mention, Ive been up since 3? So reminiscent of the days i spent NOT sleeping when my three boys were babies....more

Help me to become a better blogger...Yes please!

Help!  I just recently started to Blog....everytime i say  or type that word it makes me chuckle..hahaha..Ok, so...the name of my blog is under the temecula sun....  My blog was born two days ago. Yay me!I have a purpose..I can do this....but, I need the critique of bloggers who have been doing this for a while. Maybe not critique, but, advice and tips....I read some of your blogs and I am really impressed..and feel a little vulnarable.....more
TY So much!more

Fun under the sun is a place where i can share with you all things wonderful where i live. Also, how we enjoy our home town. We moved to Temecula 6 yrs ago. The first 4 years i whinned like a baby about how i wanted to go home! Im from a city of millions, San Diego. And, even though Temecula is just one hour north and has a sufficient amount of's still just 100,000 people. Seems SO small. ...more