The Power of Play, Part 1

When we engage in play activities, our brain establishes healthy patterns of development and adaptation from the first time we play peek-a-boo, to adult games like Words with Friends. Play throughout the lifespan supports a healthy brain and helps us cope with emotional and physical pain. I had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Terry Marks-Tarlow for this three part series, The Power of Play. Dr. Marks-Tarlow is a psychologist in Santa Monica, California....more

How To Meditate the Easy Way

"How can I learn how to meditate?" Every day we are asked that question by clients and participants of our anger and conflict management classes.  New articles sprout daily describing the benefits of meditation. But where do you start? Most major religions have some sort of meditation, or meditative prayer practice, but is that going to give you the same beneficial effects you've been reading about?...more

How to Stop Workplace Aggression

by Gina Simmons, Ph.D....more

How To Mend Your Broken Heart

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Be Thankful for Your Anger

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Inside the Bully's Brain

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Extreme Measures

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Sexual Anger

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Anger After a Cancer Diagnosis

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How To Stop Yelling at Your Teenager

By Gina Simmons, Ph.D. She called me a "stupid bitch!", said Angela, aged 14, referring to her exasperated mother. Angela's parents brought her to my office complaining about her defiance, her angry outbursts and poor school performance. Angela shouted and cursed at her parents and they shouted and cursed right back. Mom and Dad routinely blamed each other for Angela's problems in loud verbal battles. Angela cranked up her ipod to drown out the noise....more

It helps to remember our own adolescent angst and yearning to foster empathy. You and your ...more