Employment in high school: Should you encourage your teen to work?

 As a high school kid, I had a couple of different jobs. First, I worked at a shoe store selling athletic shoes, but I quit when school, sports, and band became too demanding (I know what you’re thinking… band. Yes, I am proud to say I was a band geek.). Then I switched to working only during the summers for a lawn & landscaping business....more

Kids and Allowance: To Give or Not to Give?

Many parents struggle with decisions about how, when, and if to give their children allowances. While there is really no one correct answer to each of these questions, there are some great opinions and research on this topic. ...more

I'm sorry for my ADHD, Mom; Let's have a better life

 I think we sometimes forget that kids who have Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) don’t chose the problems they have....more
HumbledSeeker You are absolutely right. Even with the best treatment, ADHD can be a tremendous, ...more

Toying with guns: Is play with toy guns okay?

Back in the day, no one batted an eye at children running around playing cops and robbers with toy pistols. But in today's day and age, toy gunplay isn't viewed so innocently; now we’re busy searching for answers to the multitude of recent school shootings and other tragedies involving gun violence in our nation. Today parents are more cautious than ever when it comes to allowing children to play with toy guns....more

Say the right thing when your child is upset

 When you’re upset, has anyone ever told you to “just stop crying” or “don’t be sad”? Is it helpful? Is it that easy just to automatically stop crying or to feel differently (aka better) at a moment when you are really down? Unless you have super powers, it’s near impossible to change how you feel at the drop of a hat....more

Get your worry in check with this one simple trick

 I’m a worrier and I always have been. I’m not sure if it’s my genetics, being the oldest child in my family, or the way I was raised, but in any case, I’ve had worry lines on my forehead since I was ten years old. I remember my parents always saying to me “Luisa, just relax!” But as anyone who worries knows, this is easier said than done....more

5 reasons marijuana is detrimental to the teen brain

 Marijuana has been known as the gateway drug of teen substance use for decades. It's often thought of as less harmful and consequential than other drugs because it's "natural" and now legal in many parts of our country. In the U.S....more
Dr. Luisa, no one is advocating teen use (with the exception of medical application)  anymore ...more

How to make the perfect excuse with these 3 simple tips

 Making excuses: we all do it. Why? Because it makes us feel better, right? If you can justify why you forgot to pick up dinner… why you didn’t meet that deadline at work… or why you made that nasty comment to your spouse in front of the kids, the crime seems a little less deadly. Excuses get us off the hook, deflect responsibility, and make us feel less guilty about our wrongdoings....more