Having a New Baby on New Years Eve?

Dr. Michele Brown OB/GYNPAPARAZZI BABY New Year’s (12:01 am) babies are so exciting, but delivery in prime time hospital hours has its disadvantages…...more

Don't Let the Marks on your Body Define You!

Dr. Michele Brown OB/GYNIn the past few weeks, many of you have written me asking if I could focus a few blogs on maintaining beauty during pregnancy. I completely understand. We are embarking on the holiday season, and while your concerns about how to stay healthy during pregnancy are tremendously important… we women also want to stay beautiful on the outside, while we grow a healthy baby on the inside....more

Color Me Safely: Hair Dyes In Pregnancy

Dr. Michele Brown OB/GYN...more

BPA and other Chemical Contaminants in Plastic Containers can be Harmful to Pregnant Women!

Dr. Michele Brown OB/GYNMuch has been written about particular ingredients contained in products that pregnant women use. However, emphasis should also be placed on the tubes and containers that hold these products. Toxic chemicals can be found in plastics that can seep into products exposing pregnant women via skin contact when applying products from these containers....more

Is Pregnancy a Disability?

Dr. Michele Brown OB/GYN...more

“Morning Sickness” — An Overview, and Herbal Remedies

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Pregnant for the Holidays: To Toast or Not to Toast?

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Bad Ingredients for Breastfeeding Babies!!!

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Acne In Pregnancy

Dr. Michele Brown OB/GYNSkin changes are one of the hallmarks of pregnancy. Oily skin and acne are common and often a source of discomfort, embarrassment, low self-esteem and depression.The hormonal changes associated with pregnancy induce an increase in sebaceous glands secretion. This in turn creates fertile ground for the proliferation of acne causing bacteria (propionibacterium acnes)....more