The Sinatra Connection: Boomer Meets Pimply-Faced 19 Year Old

The “food to go” section of most airport restaurants isn’t exactly a lively place. A lone employee usually works the stand, and on this occasion, the young man – roughly 19, pimply-faced, with the requisite black hair-net – had his radio on to keep him company. Much to my surprise, the station was playing a Frank Sinatra classic, and the young man was singing along, very quietly, almost under his breath, as he put together my order and ran my credit card. What can I tell you, I couldn’t resist, and Boomer that I am, I knew the song well enough to sing along as well....more

Be the Master of Your Universe—Without Bloodshed

Summer blockbusters are full of Masters of the Universe—Superheroes/heroines, Emperors and Kings—in righteous battle. And, when someone storms your castle – be that of your thoughts, your actions, your behavior—don’t you defend it with all your might? “You’re wrong!” “You messed up, not me!” “I didn’t do that, you did!” We like to be Masters of our own Universe, so when someone points the finger at us and tell us we’re wrong, we did it wrong—well, we don’t like it, not one bit....more

Want to Stay Young? Get Busy!

I’m endlessly fascinated by children in airports. As I sit, waiting patiently (sort of) at the gate for my flight, I watch children – in particular the 3 to 5 year olds – run, stumble, and climb over, through, and around anything stationary: people, suitcases, seats, recycling bins. They won’t sit still for more than a second. I’m exhausted just watching them, and in complete admiration of the parents who chase, snag, grab, clutch, hug, feed, and amuse their squirming, happy, perpetually-in-motion kids. ...more

How California Used Optimism to Tackle a Big Problem—You Can Too

Despite Donald Trump’s recent proclamation that “California has no drought” (!!), we here in California are pretty darn sure we’ve been experiencing a drought for lo these many years.To the point where the Los Angeles DWP, for example, came up with some pretty ingenious solutions, including my favorite: the famous 96 million floating shade balls.*...more

Victim to Victor: An Amazing “Steam Punk” Shift in Focus

The other day, a good friend of mine gave a talk in which he described how he overcame his addiction to alcohol, and it basically came down to this: he decided he had a choice. To ease the pain of life by drinking, or to choose happiness. To stop looking at everything that didn’t work in his life, and deliberately look at what was working....more

Morley Safer’s Last Great Amazing Gift To Us

We all have an expiration date, and for his fans, friends and family, no doubt Morley Safer’s came too soon.But here’s the thing, with how he lived his life, working at CBS’ “60 Minutes” up until announcing his retirement one week before his passing at 84, Morley gave us one last great amazing gift--showing us how to live full out, do what you love, no holds barred, right up until your personal end. ...more

Try Commiting Non-Random Acts of Kindness and Watch Your Happiness Grow

Traveling through Burma (aka Myanmar) recently--a fascinating country, known as “The Golden Land” because of the tens of thousands of pagodas gleaming with gold-leaf covered spires—I learned about the different ways Buddhism is practiced there. Oh, the essential aspects of Burmese Buddhism are the same as in Bhutan, Thailand or India, but there are some differences, according to my guide....more

The “Good Dog” Approach to Self-Improvement

Ever watch a skilled dog trainer work with a puppy? The trainer never ever punishes the sweet beastie for not sitting on the “sit” command, but rather rewards the dog with praise and treats the instant his furry butt hits the ground. The dog—smart pooch—gets the idea real fast, and proceeds to sit on cue with remarkable consistency. ...more

Mindfulness in Action: Be a G.E.M.

You know how wonderful you feel sitting in meditation, allowing all those pesky thoughts to drift on by? Or how being mindful, living in the present moment--like actually tasting your food rather than inhaling it—brings you greater peace and enjoyment, not to mention the terrific perks in terms of cardiovascular health and overall well-being. And then you step out of the inner sanctum of your mind into LIFE, which is messy and raw and often irritating and annoying—so much for peace and enjoyment. ...more

When You Look In The Mirror, What Do You See?

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? That you’re too short, too tall, too fat, too skinny? That you somehow grew a pimple overnight, or a new set of crows feet, or maybe it’s time to go shaved-head considering that ever-expanding bald spot? Or do you see your wonderful smile, the sparkle in your eyes, the confident set of your shoulders? What do you see?And then the $1,000,000 question: Do you like what you see? ...more