What Would (Insert Name of Favorite Action Hero) Do?

Your most recent attempt to persuade your boss of how much you deserve that raise/bonus/perk landed in the unfathomable depths of his “No way no how” with barely a ripple. You are depressed, disgusted, and yes - truth be told - massaging your hurt ego with liberal doses of self-pity. ...more

Want a Miracle? Shift Your Perception!

Losing is painful. It doesn’t matter what - a job, a promotion, your health, a lover, a spouse - it’s painful. Sure, the pain is greater, the greater the loss, but whenever we lose something, we feel it deeply....more

Use Your Mind to Combat Killer Stress!

You hate your boss, you hate your work, your co-workers drive you crazy, and you’re convinced you’re underpaid even if you weren’t horribly overworked. You’re stressed all the time! Small wonder You’re tired, achy, rarely get a peaceful night’s sleep, and now you’ve come down with a cold! Which you seem to catch more and more frequently, plus there’s your stomach upset and now some sort of stupid rash on your neck. All of which you are convinced is due to your blankety-blank job. ...more

Ditch The “Have-To’s” and Get To The (Way More Fun) “Want-To’s”!

Ever notice the list of “have-to’s” you’ve got going? As in ‘have-to’ get up and get yourself going, ‘have-to’ get everybody fed-dressed-out-the-door, ‘have-to’ get to work, ‘have-to’ do the work, ‘have-to’ put up with a boss/co-worker/client you can’t stand, ‘have-to’ run the errands, do the chores, pay the bills, and on and on. When life is reduced to a list of “have-to’s,” it becomes a drudgery, just a long list of dutiful things you must do as a responsible adult. ...more

Are You Listening Competitively? Or Listening to Learn?

You know how you can be going along in a conversation with a friend or a loved one, and it all seems to be good, and suddenly, you say something and the conversation stalls or stops entirely. And you’re thinking “What happened?” You didn’t say anything insulting or mean, you just voiced your opinion. Or so you think…...more
I love this. Listening to understand is much more loving then just listening to respond. Thanks ...more

Don’t Let A “Misery Loves Company” Mindset Sabotage Your Career Success

A bad boss breeds low morale, poor motivation, performance and productivity that usually produces grumbling and complaining among co-workers. Don't fall into this “misery loves company” mindset or else your bad boss and your co-workers will sabotage your chances for a rewarding career....more

Celebrate Your Life With Love this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day: a joy if you’re blessed with a wonderful relationship, an annoyance (or worse) if you’re single and unhappy about it, or in a “challenging” (aka miserable) relationship ...more

This New Year: Take Charge of Your RAS!

You just mopped your kitchen floors. Satisfied, you enjoy the gleam for a moment, then off you go to whatever’s next. You hear the back door slam. The kids are home - great! Until you see the muddy footprints they left all over your just-cleaned floor. You sigh, grab the mop, swab quickly.Whereupon the dog enters through his doggie-door, dragging half the yard in with him. “Darn it!” Not happy, you clean up again....more

Geocache Your Way to Happy Holidays!

A friend introduced me recently to the wide wonderful world of Geocaching....more

Don’t Leave Yourself Out of Thanksgiving Gratitude!

 Thanksgiving is almost here - that time of year when “get your gratitude on!” is the game of the day. And indeed, you do have your gratitude well in gear.You are ready to express your gratefulness for your family, your friends, your job (maybe, could be a stretch), Pilates, football, the roof over your head, your pets, your new smart phone, the Macy’s sale, and lots more....more
I am grateful for my friends, loved ones, yoga, the rain and my life! Thanks for posting!!more