Dividing Housework: Pipe Dream or Something I Can Tell You How To Accomplish?

i am the doctor’s appointment taker in my house We all know that if you’re home with three squalling sick kids, your husband’s desk job seems like a placid vacation on a tropical island where you are...more

My 7 Year Old Changed Her Name: Guest Post by Ashley of SmashleyAshley.com

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What Do I Do If My Child Fake Cries?

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Relationship Issues and Birth Order

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Bipolar and Anxious During My Pregnancy: Guest Post

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I’m Being Portrayed As a Horrible Person To My Stepkids

Reader Unhappy Stepmom writes: I just want to start off by commenting on the step-mom’s post on favorites. Although I don’t agree with her making it obvious she has a favorite, I can understand why. Being a third party in parenting, it’s not hard to favor the easier child ....more

Husband is Overweight and Doesn’t Know

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Baby Likes My Husband Better

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