A Silly Song and Dance for a Kid's Smile

The other day, I had the funniest experience during a physical exam. The 10 yr old thought he was going to receive shots. Good news was he didn't need any. Bad news was he didn't believe me. I literally told him five times in different ways that he wasn't getting shots. Yet, he still didn't believe me. So, finally, I asked him, "What do I have to do, to make you believe me? Do I have to sing & dance?" He silently stared at me. So, I did. I sang, "There are no shots today" and topped it off with my hands up high for the finale. Guess what? He smiled. He believed me....more

Teen Mistakes | Sexting Bullying

Anthony Weiner is in the news again. Apparently, more photos and conversations from his sexting, sex chatting days have surfaced. I'm sure this isn't a shock to may people. While learning about the latest developments, I began to wonder if parents understand that Mr. Weiner represents an ongoing problem among teens. Sexting is on the rise among our teens....more

Royal Baby | New Baby Fever

No doubt, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have birthed more than a royal baby and new heir to the throne of England. The new Prince has started "baby fever." When any celebrity has a child, sales increase, for all things baby. It happened with the birth of JayZ and Beyonce's daughter, Ivy Blue. It happened with the birth of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's daughter, North....more

Stop the Negative Self-Talk, Moms

The other day, I read a Facebook post that has resonated with me. It basically stated that we, as mothers, do not often notice we are beautiful. In fact, we do the opposite. Often, we say to ourselves and out loud to those around us, that we are not beautiful. We point out all of our physical deficits, or perceived deficits. How many times has someone complimented you, for you to only refute what they've said? ...more
I myself am practicing this as well.  I find it easiest to do my positive self-talk in the front ...more

Grateful - Gratitude Journal

An old high school friend had started a Grateful/Gratitude Journal. This was probably two years ago. She had survived a car accident. She went through a lot as a result of that accident. So, she started a Grateful Journal. She actually did it with her son. I always thought it was a wonderful thing to do, but had never made the time to do it myself....more

Race and Racism | The Pink Elephant in the Room

I want to discuss the pink elephant in the room. I want there to be open and honest talk about race and racism. Regardless of where your opinion lies regarding the outcome come the the George Zimmerman trial, there needs to be more talk about race relations in this country....more

Sports Participation | Cheerleading

This is the season for physicals. Summer time is when teens are getting their sports clearance. Normally, you either have physical risk factors or you don't. For example, if you have a heart condition or severe asthma, you may be able to play, may not, or may need to be stabilized before I can clear your child to play sports....more

Grateful for Music on the Long Car Ride to Work

Today, I had yet another long commute to work. But today, all the right songs came on the radio. It made the ride so much more fun than usual. I was listening to some fun dance music from the '80s and '90s....more

Child Abuse | Sexual, Physical and More

It is never easy to see a child who has possibly been sexually abused. It's especially not easy when the family tells you that no one other than family members have every been with, cared for, or babysat the child....more

Overweight Teens | How Best To Talk About the Weight

It's not easy to lose weight. It seems even harder to talk about it. Even though it's everywhere on TV, even though there is a crisis in America, there is still a social stigma about weight. Now, imagine being an overweight teen today. It's even harder than before. Facebook & Twitter have made online bullying easier than before. More of our children are overweight than before....more