How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Your Neighbors

Brooke Becker: Shutterstock Comparing ourselves to others may be one of the most detrimental things we can do for our self esteem. When compared to the Facebook posts of our “friends,” our kids are never as well-mannered or athletic, our spouses never as romantic or wealthy, and our jobs never as glamorous or high-powered. Shutting off all our social media outlets might be one strategy for stopping the constant comparison to others ....more

Why “Reparative Therapy” Is Wrong

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How To Forgive Yourself

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How To Forgive Someone

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What is Forgiveness?

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How To Stop Being So Hard On Yourself

One of the things many of us often take for granted is how changeable our thought patterns are. It’s easy for our thoughts to get stuck in ruts, and often those ruts are negative. “I’m so fat,” “Everyone else is smarter than me,” “I’m a crummy parent.” These sorts of thoughts can begin to feel automatic ....more

College and Alcohol Don’t Have to Go Together

Photo credit Have you ever seen a movie about life on a college campus? Are there any that don’t portray those years as one long, alcohol-filled party? Sure, movies don’t necessarily reflect reality....more

Standardized Testing and Stressed-Out Kids

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