Happy, Healthy Halloween

Find lots of cool ideas for healthy Halloween treats at Produce for Kids I am not a huge fan of Halloween (I know, booo hiss), but I am a fan of candy....more

Sadness Vs. Depression

Photo credit Did you know that sadness and depression are not the same thing? Sadness is an emotion that occurs in the course of a relatively happy, meaningful and contented life....more

How to Stop Worrying About Ebola

Photo Credit Even if you have tried to ignore the stories about Ebola over the past few months, the news has been impossible to avoid....more

Depressed? Just Get Over it!

In honor of Mental Illness Awareness Week, (#MIAW) I decided to write a post about depression and why, when someone is depressed, they don’t just “get over it.”...more

Imagine: You Want to Change Nothing About Yourself

Photo credit I was in my favorite class dance class the other day when the instructor said something like this: “Do the best you can with the body you brought in the room today.” This statement really hit me....more

Raising Passionate, Engaged Teens

It can be easy to feel as if the world is going to Hell – and quickly....more

How Many Emotions Do You Have in a Day?

I was recently contacted by this cool group – People With Emotions – check it out: Here’s what they are about: The People with Emotions Movement is about breaking the taboo of feelings. It’s about getting people to realize that it’s normal to feel. Actually, there is a lot more to emotions than we realize ....more

Dr. Stephanie Named a Top Mommy Blog

Just like most people, I wear several hats: psychologist, blogger and mom....more

Ipads in the Classroom: Good for Mental Health?

Photo credit I was recently interviewed for a story about using ipads in the classroom....more

Talking to Kids About Suicide

Photo credit Suicide is a topic that no one likes to talk about, but it’s one we need to discuss – and not just when it affects a celebrity we love. I recently wrote a post for the American Psychological Association‘s blog, Your Mind. Your Body....more