Am I Depressed? Just Tired? Something More Serious? Diagnosing Mental Illness

photo credit Diagnosing mental illness is difficult....more

Secrets From The Couch

Photo credit I recently ran across this article on BuzzFeed: 29 Things No One Ever Tells You About Being In Therapy....more

How To Make Changes That Last

Ugh…changing our behavior is so hard....more

How To Become A Morning Person

I’m not a real Coloradoan....more

Tweeting Psychologists

Are you a Tweeter? Twitter-er? Tweetist? ...more

How To Have A Conversation With Your Family That’s Actually Interesting

OK, here’s what conversations often sound like in my house: “Did you write a check for the mortgage” “No! I forgot, can you do it!?” and “Did you practice piano yet?” “Kind of.” and “Do we really have to go to your cousin’s sister’s daughter’s birthday party this weekend?” “Yes, because she came to our party last year.” and my favorite: “How was your day, honey?” “Fine.” None of these “conversations” are particularly interesting or stimulating – and they certainly don’t do anything to help the participants feel closer to each other....more

What If You Knew Depression As A Doctor And A Patient?

One of my favorite psychologists is Dr. Deborah Serani....more

The Case For Summer Camp

Camp in Colorado? Sign me up! As a kid, my favorite part of summertime was overnight camp....more

Celebrating 10 Years On Briggs Street

I am so excited to be celebrating 10 years in my office on Briggs Street in Erie....more

Standing With the Citizens of Orlando

Photo Credit I am joining the voices of so many others in the last few days in offering my thoughts, prayers and condolences to folks in Orlando and beyond. If you’re looking for resources on coping with distress after the events in Florida, check out some of my past posts: And here are a couple of resources from the American Psychological Association: Lastly, check out this thoughtful and useful article over at Huff Post about How to Help Orlando Shooting Victims and Their Families. #OrlandoUnited ...more