Parenting Kids With Different Body Types

Just because kids have the same parents, doesn’t mean they have the same body types – and that can be a tricky thing for parents to navigate....more

Mental Health and Risk Taking

That’s me taking a risk a couple years ago. Yikes Risk-taking is one of those things that can be both good and bad for mental health....more

Summer (School’s Out!) Stress Disorder

Is school out in your area? It’s been out for over a week around here, and I’m noticing there’s a little extra stress happening in some households....more

Mental Health Is More Than Mental Illness

Today I am joining many other bloggers around the world in support of the American Psychological Association’s Mental Health Blog Day #MHBlogDay....more

Taking Your Child To A Funeral

Should we take our kids to the funeral? That’s a sad question that most every parent will have to ask themselves at one time or another....more

Snack Time with Produce For Kids

The other day my kids and I decided to try a couple new, yummy-sounding snacks from the Simply Summer Cookbook – the new, free, e-cookbook from Produce for Kids....more

How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Your Neighbors

Brooke Becker: Shutterstock Comparing ourselves to others may be one of the most detrimental things we can do for our self esteem. When compared to the Facebook posts of our “friends,” our kids are never as well-mannered or athletic, our spouses never as romantic or wealthy, and our jobs never as glamorous or high-powered. Shutting off all our social media outlets might be one strategy for stopping the constant comparison to others ....more

Why “Reparative Therapy” Is Wrong

President Obama recently announced that he will work to ban the use of “reparative therapy.”...more

How To Forgive Yourself

As a parent I have about a million opportunities to screw up everyday....more