Back To School Tip: Your Child May Need A Comprehensive Eye Exam

In a recent interview with the president of the American Optometric Association (AOA), Dr. Dori Carlson, I learned the surprising statistic that about 1 in 4 school age children have an undetected or undiagnosed vision problem. School vision screenings, while helpful, still miss more than 75% of these problems. And for those kids who are discovered to have a vision problem during a school screening, upwards of 40% receive no follow up after the diagnosis. Clearly, we need to do better at diagnosing and treating childhood visual deficits. My full conversation with Dr....more

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One in Three Women Receives A Hysterectomy By Age 60: Is That Necessary?

I recently interviewed a top physician at the Mayo Clinic about the excessive use of hysterectomies in this country. Although non-invasive alternatives have been developed, health insurance companies generally do not provide coverage for them. ...more

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