But I’ve known him/her forever…well sometimes forever ends quicker than usual

This has been a topic that has been running in and out of my brain for a while now. People place so much on two things when it comes to friendship. Like I said anything I say is my opinion if you don’t agree please feel free to comment....more

The Signs are There Why are You Going on Red?

Point, blank, period if a man or woman shows you who they are (subtle signs mostly, but sometimes sirens flaring) then that is who they are. There is no “maybe I can change him/her” or my favorite “If I do this he/her will see that I am the one.” None of that works because if they want to change they will on their own without your assistance. Now these next few lines are important. The question is not does he/she wants you because people will take what you will give. So what you should be asking yourself is what do they want from me and what is it going to cost me? ...more