Boys Unplugged: The 'No Technology' Summer Experiment

In our home, Summer 2014 is officially done (the boys go back to school on Tuesday) and so is a little experiment we conducted in our household. I posted a blog about it,  ‘No iPad Minutes This Summer… Period’ in which Jackson, 6 and Asher, 5 were officially cut off from the iPad, the Internet and older cousins’ phones… the boys were going unplugged. Limited TV was still allowed. My husband and I were SERIOUS....more

A Kid DIY Valentine- And It Doesn't Take All YOUR Time!

If you’ve got a budding artist, put him (or her) to work. Invite him to create an original piece for his valentine class exchange. Don’t you remember what it was like getting a valentine from your special friends?Once the artwork is complete, “reproduce” it! A color copy machine is perfect… you’re half way done!...more

Why This Mom Is Super Excited For Super Bowl 2014!

I like sports. I really do. I am gearing up for the winter Olympics. But football has never been something I ever enjoyed watching and with all of the potential dangers of the game, I have ruled out my sons ever playing on a tackle football team. That said, I will join the ranks of the more than 100 million people who watch the big game this February 2nd....more

Discovering The Teenage Brain

The teenage years are difficult, there’s no getting around it. But understanding what your child is going through can ease the pain. According to Dr. Mayumi Prins, director of the BIRC Education Program at UCLA, if you have the knowledge as a parent, you can educate and empower yourself as well as your teen. Watch the video!

Protecting Your Kids From Sports Related Concussions

Sports related concussions are on the rise in young people. Do you know how to protect your child? According to Dr. Mayumi Prins, director of the BIRC Education Program at UCLA, there are signs to look out for… take a look at the video to learn more!     ...more

Fate Stepped In- Twice

12 years ago we said “I do.” But before we made it down the aisle and vowed to spend our lives together, there were so many “I do not’s” between the two of us. Relationship issues not withstanding, on Sunday, Andrew and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary! In a way I can’t believe it, not because we are still living our lives together and working together as a team, but because it’s already been 12 years. I think about how we ended up where we are today and, given all that we’ve faced, it’s an accomplishment. I am so grateful for my Andrew....more

Kids and School

@Darcie Thanks for your comment. And you're right, there are so many misconceptions.more

Prickly Pumpkin Patch

The countdown to Halloween is now front and center in our house. I know it’s still thirty days away, but Jackson and Asher are in monster mode for the next four weeks. (We’ve already been to the Halloween costume shop twice, only window shopping for now. We learned our lesson last year when we ended up buying the boys three costumes each as they changed their minds about what they wanted to be at least ten times before the 31st arrived.So to keep things festive and fun, we came up with planting a “Prickly Pumpkin Patch” in our house....more

Teen/Tween Suicide Prevention

Here at Super Mommy Not we often get queries about children (teens and tweens) threatening suicide. One mom writes: “My 13 year old girl says she’s going to kill herself. What do I do?” So what can a parent do and how can he or she understand and handle such a frightening situation? SMN is committed to helping families deal with this very difficult part of life....more

To Push Or Not To Push?

Jackson is 4.5 years old. He only had a nanny two days a week when he was a baby for about a year as I was still working as a news reporter. But after the nanny we chose didn’t quite feel like the right fit anymore… very long story, I decided I’d quit working to stay at home with both of my baby boys. It wasn’t an easy choice, but my gut was telling me to do it. And, if there’s any advice I can impart on a new mother, it’s to TRUST YOUR GUT when it comes to your kids. So it was just the boys and me until preschool....more