The Trailing Spouse

Many many years ago when my dad finished his PhD my parents were praying for a job for my dad. They actually said, "Lord, send us to the ends of the earth if you have to." We ended up in Newfoundland. He sent my family to the end of Canada. Where arguably we DID learn a new language (repeat after me, "stay where yer at, I'll come where yer to.")Little did I know that I was watching my future by watching my parents experience life far away from anything familiar. My husband and I weren't sent to the ends of the earth but we were sent to a place that a lot assume is Sweden....more

Of tears and timbits

He thought my sound went out on my end of the skype conversation. No. The sound was fine. The problem wasn't technical. The problem was I was trying not to cry. I had forgotten for the moment that he could see me still. Darn you video chat. ...more

To the Woman I want to be

I originally posted this in my blog on March 13th, 2012. The day of my Oma's 85th birthday. She passed a week later. Today marks exactly one month since my family lost their matriarch. ...more
 @Bad Luck Detective Thanks so much! She was an absolutely incredible lady. She is who I want to ...more