Autism is the Enemy

 We named our homeschool  Autism Rocks Christian Academy. Tongue in cheek because J is always rocking. Back and forth, back and forth, night and day. If he isnt rocking he's bouncing. The only time he is still is when he is asleep.  But Autism itself does not "rock". It very much stinks and I pray a cure is found. I hate autism with my very being....more

Life With a Child with Autism: Food Battles

Do you ever feel like you are a broken record or find yourself in a bizarre time loop a la GroundHog Day with Bill Murray?  I do!...more

These little glimpses into your life make Carl and I love and respect you even more!

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Choices We Make

I'm full of thoughts and emotions today. It's not even noon and I've already had a conversation with a brick wall, pondered why kittens feel the urge to battle it out in a bathtub, and  figured out that I'll be missing church this Sunday....more

Another Day in the Life of Autism

J  is my son. He's seventeen years old. There is one huge chasm that separates him from kids his own age. He has autism. Not aspergers. No, he's not like RainMan. He has full blown, classic, autism. He is considered nonverbal although he vocalizes a lot. But there are very few actual words. He is easily frustrated by this. Who can blame him though? Imagine if you were in a foreign country and although you can fairly well understand the natives --most of the time--you couldnt get them to understand you....more

This is so very moving. You will definitely be in my prayers. <3

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