A Sustainable No-Growth Economy? Is That Possible?

So, bad news all around for the entire world’s economy despite encouraging words from President Obama last night. When we stop reeling from the overwhelming fact that our economic system just spun out of control (though it will probably come back) we’ve all got to ask ourselves the big questions: How did this happen? Did I personally contribute? Can I live my life in accordance with my values of environmental sustainability and still function in our capitalist system? Yeah, so I know that last question just sent 99% of readers ...more

Why I Am Slowly Becoming a Libertarian

I strolled over to Cato Unbound yesterday for some fascinating reading. I found this month’s Lead Essay entitled Corporations Versus the Market. These guys are Libertarians, and I thought I was reading just to get a different perspective on things. On Facebook, some friends and I have been having a discussion about Red States versus Blue States, which led into a discussion about illegal immigration, and finally to corporate ...more

Top 10 Things I'm Looking Forward to Under Obama

Whew!! It’s been a LOOOOOOOOONG eight years. But this morning, I am feeling redeemed. Our country was hijacked for too long by people who co-opted the word ‘freedom’, eroding it by bantering it about like a marketing slogan. Freedom and liberty aren’t just words, they’re deeply-held values. So, in celebration of those values, here is the TOP TEN LIST OF THINGS I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO UNDER OBAMA: 10. No more Sarah Palin! You betcha she’s a great governor for Alaska and all, but can we get her off the national stage? Also? Please? ...more

The Argument Against Prop 8

I could vote NO on Proposition 8 because I have gay friends and relatives who would want me to. I could vote NO on Proposition 8 because I don't care that much if gay people get married because it doesn't really affect me directly. But those reasons are the weak side of the argument. ...more