Apparently It’s Quitting Time…

Recently, so many of the blogs I’ve known and loved for ages are closing up shop....more

The Best Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies

I figured since the holiday season is quickly approaching, we should have a little sit down about cookies. I’m lying. The holidays did not inspire this....more

Rockin’ the Rockports. How to Wear Ankle Booties.

Based on what I know about fashion and style, there are few instances when looking like a mom can be considered a good thing. In fact, now that I’ve put my mind to it, the only time I can come up with is when you’re a five year old lost in an amusement park....more

10 Things To Never Say to Pregnant Women

At 21 weeks your baby is the size of a carrot… And people take it upon themselves to say really ridiculous things to you. 10 Things Not to Say to Pregnant Women (based entirely on things people have really said to pregnant women) 1....more

Grammar for Grown Folks: Understanding Their There They’re

I asked my Facebook friends for some posting inspiration recently and it seemed that people were in the mood for a fresh post on making your grammar more accurate and less embarrassing. Dat’s wassup! I love helping people look and feel smarter! ...more

Uncommon Goods for Uncommon Dudes.

Fall and winter are birthday season around here. All of the Dudes were born in cold months (bad planning because we can’t just hit the park for a cheap-o b-day party) and then there’s Christmas....more

Moms in the Middle: 10 Things to Know About Invisalign Teen #sponsored

Back to school for many is also take-care-of-everything-you-let-slip-through-the-cracks-while-you-were-laying-around-on-the-beach-season. The Dudes have been back to school for two weeks already and I’m still staring at the box of clothing that needs to be sold, donated, or burned on sight....more

Baby Baking: We’re Having A…

Baby Baking is a weekly pregnancy series written almost entirely by our pregnant writer, Vanessa....more

Simplify Your Mom Game: Easy Energy Boosters

I own two separate businesses, parent three crazy busy Dudes, sit on the board of two PTAs, and volunteer for more than one of my children’s sports teams....more

Moms in the Middle: Tips for Parenting Middle Schoolers

Middle school is hard. Socially....more