Easy Fashion Trends for Moms: Floral Print Style

This is part 2 in my Frump Banishing series that I started following my article on Redbook. You can read part 1 here: Easy Mom Trends: Graphic Tees Technically it’s spring. In reality, today was 32 degrees ....more

Arguably Awesome: Best Big Boys Toys

Thanks to Happy Mama Sharon and her inspirational idea for next week’s Happy Mamas post (she challenged us to pick something in our house and commit ourselves to organizing it), I decided to start something huge today. It was emotionally draining, physically challenging, and a true test of my mental fortitude. I smiled, I laughed, I took a ton of photos, and then I sat down on the floor and cried my eyes out ....more

Affordable Family Mini Getaway Ideas for Spring Break Fun

Figuring out a getaway for a family of five can be challenging. There are expenses and schedules and finding a hotel that doesn’t require you to bed share with your man-sized teen to worry about. We usually invest in one major family vacation a year, but that doesn’t mean we don’t like to get outside and have fun with The Dudes or provide them with educational travel experiences on a more regular basis ....more

The Curly Process: Hair Care Tips for Naturally Curly Hair

Curls are a funny thing. They’re eye catching and engaging to passersby who want to touch them (and sometimes ask to). They come in all shapes and sizes ....more

Easy Fashion Trends for Moms: Graphic Tees

Last week I wrote a fashion trends article for Redbook Magazine about banishing frumpy mom trends. It wasn’t meant to make anyone feel tired or lazy or unbeautiful. I would never ....more

Game Day Snacks: Sausage Pizza Rolls

We are a family that enjoys sports. All of The Dudes are on various teams during the year, DudeDad grew up playing sports, I was a cheerleader and athletics remain a huge part of our daily lives. This is the first year in ages, however, that college basketball has been a big deal for us ....more

Double Dinner: Our Easy Weeknight Dinners Routine Explained

You know that saying, about kids eating you of house and home? While the wording is a tad confounding (because is your house not also your home?), the true sentiment is easy enough to grasp by anyone who has ever owned a growing child. My grocery bill is currently more than many people pay for rent, and that’s with just one teenager in the house ....more

Cinderella, It’s Like How Life Should Be

I wasn’t going to write about Cinderella. As much as I loved the film and the story (it was my favorite growing up) and the message, I wasn’t really feeling a huge connection with The Dudes. Sure, they enjoyed it, despite being some of the few non princesses in our showing, but they didn’t seem to leave with any extreme enthusiasm over the flick ....more

Year 10

These birthday posts are so hard for me to write. And not just these 10th birthday ones....more

Kids Room Ideas: Humongosaur DIY Cork Board

I have been on this major make-my-house-awesomer kick lately. I think a few things have inspired it (prepare yourself for the longest run on sentence ever): my secret desire to move to a brand new house that is dashed by the fact that I will never be able to sell the money trap I live in love my neighborhood, my not so secret abhorrence of the fact that my kids don’t appreciate when I make things pretty (which, I’ve determined, is simply a response to my lack of making things pretty historically), and finally, my new found bravery when it comes to DIY projects that has developed since taking the stance that no one cares if I screw them up as long as I also fix them. So, add all of those things together, throw in a mural I’ve been wanting to replace for at least five years, and about $200 and you’ve got some sweet kids room ideas including… Humongosaur DIY cork board wall ....more