The Lazy Mom's Guide to Making Cake Pops

I am not much of a chef.  I have a limited number of items in my repertoire.  I do like to bake but even then if I can use a cake mix I will.  One of my favorite cook books is The Cake Doctor by Anne Byrn who doctors recipe using cake box ingredients. Honestly by the time they have been doctored (and doctored very little actually) they are amazing and no one is the wiser....more
My Dad and Step Mom bought me a cake pop maker for Christmas. I am trying them tonight :) So far ...more

12 Mary Jane Shoes for Fall

I love Mary Jane shoes.  They're girly and cute but can be a little vixen-ish too.  Plus, you can go high with Mary Janes and the strap will keep you feeling a little more secure.  At least it does for me.   Mary Jane shoes keep coming around it seems and they're in again for fall.  Here are 12 pairs that currently have me sitting on my hands trying not to reach for the credit card.  Also, remember you don't have to go super high.  And you don't need to go too can wear with a pair of skinny jeans or a skirt or dress and tights....more
Those are cute! I wonder if I could pull number 4 off with a nice pair of jeans?more

Fall Color Trend: Teal

Teal is one of my favorite colors. It reminds me of peacock feathers, looks good on pale skin and darker skin and makes a nice change from all the navy we saw over the summer.Here are a couple options from Target (all under $30!), but there are plenty of options at all kinds of retailers. I like to check out Shopstyle and search by item, then color, then price point. It's a great way to get a few options from all over the web....more
I'm with @victorias_view , I love that satchel! Good thing there's a Target a few blocks from my ...more

5 Fruity Labor Day Libations

Even if you're not having people over for Labor Day, there's no reason you can't toast to a day off. Some ideas......more

Top Ten Excuses For Holding Onto Clothes You Don't Wear (And How To Conquer Them)

First step of a closet clean-out, is letting go of your excuses....more
great ideas, i've been purging for the last 6 months. i've done winter clothes that i didn't ...more

Five Fall Coats Under $50 @Target

Target keeps getting better with their clothing lines.  There was a time when things were a little ho-hum but they've stepped it up considerably in the last few years with their designer partnerships....more
that trench is *adorable*more

Mad About Plaid

Sometimes fall trends are kind of daunting. But I can get behind plaid and behold, the runways have brought plaid back again. It's bright and tweedy and I suspect the plaid is a nod to all things Anglophile brought on by Princess Catherine. I've always liked a good tartan pattern; it reminds me of the shortbread tins in my grandmother's house in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.We realize if you're new to "dumping your frump" these may be a bit bold, but we're tired of seeing a sea of moms in North Face vests at Starbucks. We'd much prefer to see a coat like one of these. So do it for us?...more

Make Your Own Shower Fizzies

I used to make bath bombs a lot, you know like the kind you can buy at Lush.  And I do take a lot of baths and they are great to give as gifts.  But in the summer I take more showers than baths in general because of the heat.  So it's nice to have something that can be a treat in the shower too.  Shower fizzies are almost identical to bath bombs except that you don't have to use oil (in fact using oil makes your shower floor a bit slippery, so it's really for the best)....more

BlogHer 11 Recap: Fallopian Tubes, Hotel Bed Olympics & S'Mores!

 I went to BlogHer 11, a blogging conference in San Diego.  The highlights:...more

Retro Swimwear Means Coverage Minus The Frump

It's not too late to get a swimsuit.  If you've avoided bikinis like the plague and the skirted suits with all over control banding, optical illusion striping and hologram panelling with optional fairy dust, are just not for you, then it's time for a retro suit.  The pin ups of the 50s were much closer to the average sized lady.  Think Mad Men's Christina Hendricks.  Hence retro suits flatter a wider range of sizes...more
I love number 2 and 5! They both look perfect for hiding the muffin top and looking sweet ...more