A Letter To My Womb

Well, hi there. Yes, it has been a while. Not to pull the “movie” card or anything, but if you recall my post about my missing tooth and borrowing a teenager’s underpants, I have been out of my mind busy writing a movie ....more

My Sweet Ride to “Listen To Your Mother”

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Chevrolet’s sponsorship of Listen to Your Mother Show, but opinions are my own....more

The Not-So-Glamorous Ways That My Life Is Like A Movie

If you are familiar with the very popular screenplay how-to book, “Save The Cat!”, you will know about the concept of “Six Things That Need Fixing”. For a screenwriter, these are the flaws or quirks you would write into the main character that subtly show themselves in the first act of a movie. Obviously, this makes the protagonist relatable, often provides some humor, and gives him/her somewhere to go, something to grow in during the course of the film ....more

Oops, I did it again (with apologies to B. Spears)

Do you see this? You know what it is, right? That’s right ....more

All Hail My Erma Bom-Bust

Well, it’s that time again, folks! The time when I publish my non-winning Erma Bombeck essay and congratulate all the winners. Enjoy this and if you have time, hop over to my friend Ann’s hilarious also-non-winning essay on Ann’s Rants ....more

Worst Date Ever. Swear.

This tragic tale is part of the “Worst Date Ever” blog hop, started by the widely-dated Nancy Kho of Midlife Mixtape. See below to hop around and read other tales of woe. And here’s to marriage, btw ....more

My spice cabinet is judging me.

“I’ll take ‘Random Unmarked Bags’ for $500, Alex.” I found this in my spice cabinet yesterday. I thought it was bread crumbs. I needed bread crumbs and so I decided that these were bread crumbs ....more

#WhereILivedWednesday 1st Street & 1st Avenue

This post is part of the series #WhereILivedWednesday started by my dear friend Ann Imig of Ann’s Rants, so head on over there and read all the memories of former domiciles. “First & First”, we called it. In 1990, the cross-street of First Street and First Avenue was not only not the hipster land it is today, it was downright scary and dangerous ....more

Let’s get beautiful with the crap lying around your house

“Microdermabrasion”? With that many syllables, it’s gotta be good! Bargain Basement Beauty 3 on NickMom from me and the always smooth-skinned Wendi Aarons ....more

Thanks so much for introducing our children to the Zombie Apocalypse

THE TOP TEN REASONS I’M PEEVED WITH MY HUSBAND FOR LETTING OUR CHILDREN WATCH “THE WALKING DEAD” MARATHON 10. I leave the house for ONE DAY IN THE PAST FOUR YEARS and this is what you come up with? 9. I distinctly recall saying “Play Monopoly”, not “acquaint our children with the infectious flesh-eating undead”. 8 ....more