5 Things I Learned By Sending 33 OKCupid Messages

I’ve been pondering timidity in dating a lot, recently.I’m thirty-four years old, and am comfortably set in all the personal and professional endeavors that make living a single life in New York City super rad. But the idea of finding that one person who I want to see every day and like more and more the longer I know him? Yeah, I’d be down with that....more
It took me about 2 years of online dating and a lot of 'WTF?!' moments before I found The One on ...more

SURVEY: Illness, Weight Loss or Gain, and Body Image Issues in Women

 Sick and Skinny:Body Image Issues in Women Undergoing Medical Treatment and Illness...more

GMOs Go Hollywood: Interview with the Filmmakers behind CONSUMED

A diner shouldn’t be a scary place, where plates of fried chicken threaten and provoke.A grocery store shouldn’t induce panic attacks worthy of ominous underscoring....more

I'm a Single Woman in My Thirties - Am I A Cliche?

I've been angry, recently. And sad. Yes... I'm sad.  Because I'm lonely. I'm thirty-four and single. And I'm not quite sure how I got here....more
Writewhatmatters  First - HUG! I'm so sorry you lost Mr. Right in such a heartbreakingly tragic ...more

I Didn't Know I Was Addicted to a Drug 40 Times More Potent Than Heroin... Until I Tried Getting Off of It

I remember clearly the first time I experienced true withdrawal. Cheering my brother on in a triathlon in Washington DC on a particularly bright and hot summer day, I was soon a pool of sweat. My jaw wouldn't stop grinding my teeth from side to side.My bones felt like they were on fire, screaming to be shattered by a hammer into a hundred pieces or, at the very least, for my joints to be popped out of their sockets. My head was a drum. I writhed the five-hour drive home.I was physically addicted to an opioid painkiller, Fentanyl; 40-50 times more potent than pharmaceutical-grade heroin. ...more
such an important read. Thank you for sharing.more

Suffering the Silence: A New Book Advocates for Chronic Lyme Disease Sufferers

Allie Cashel, Lyme advocate and author of Suffering the Silence. Photos by Amanda Crommett Photography.I don’t think I ever fully woke up the morning of Allie Cashel’s book launch for Suffering the Silence: Chronic Lyme Disease in an Age of Denial.By 10am my happy little dog was ready to get up and go, but my body wasn’t. A walk, iced green tea, breakfast, and a few hours of work later, and I still felt in a funk. Joint pain crept in. I battled it with twenty minutes of gentle yoga, and for a short while I felt my body opening up and breathing deeply. But then it closed quickly again, worsening from the exertion, blowing into severe pain and threatening to go into full crash mode.By the time I’d made it down to the party, I was depleted, vulnerable, and in worsening pain. I stayed all of twelve minutes; long enough to congratulate Allie and her publicist Erica’s achievements, buy a few copies of the book, and wish them well on their book tour, before sneaking away without saying goodbye.I wandered the Lower East Side, lonely in my pain and anxiety, feeling inadequate in not being able to stay longer at a celebration I’d anticipated for months. I was angry with myself for not being able to filter out the loud hum of the celebratory voices filling the gallery space, which felt like lightning in my brain and on my skin. I was frustrated that I couldn’t just will myself into being bright and bubbly and social, as I truly wanted to be.I spent the entire weekend in bed, resting and trying to restore. This happens, sometimes. Because I’ve dealt with Lyme disease - with its co-infections and mysteriously endless, wavering symptoms - for over twenty years....more
It's all true and terrible. It's also underfunded and widely mistreated and denied. But there is ...more

#WomensLives: Chef Amanda Cohen is Keeping it Real(ly delicious)

Photos by Brent Herrig Photography...more

#WomensLives: Should the Media Advocate for Female Chefs?

Chefs Gabrielle Hamilton, Sue Torres, Anita Lo, Amanda Freitag and Elizabeth Falkner"I think t...more

Living with Lyme: Walking Meditation

Last night I had to explain to someone close to me how my body works....more
Good question. I have trouble quieting my mind and haven't gotten into a meditation practice. ...more

Why Are the Gluten-Free Gladiators Mostly Women?

This is a question I've asked myself many times while researching or calling in products, or scanning the gluten-free section at any given grocery store. I interview high-profile chefs in New York City weekly for my Serious Eats column, and there I have to conscientiously focus on bringing more women into the mix; there are plenty of incredible female chefs here, but the majority of the chefs owning and running high-end kitchens in New York are still men. Image: Courtesy of the Dusty Baker Yet when I scan my mental list of bloggers, writers, editors, developers, PR representatives and producers in the gluten-free field, the steep majority of them are women. ...more
I'm AKA GlutenNaziMom, and in my experience (in my home), the GlutenNaziHusbands of the world ...more