Should the Media Advocate for Female Chefs?

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Living with Lyme: Walking Meditation

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Why Are the Gluten-Free Gladiators Mostly Women?

This is a question I've asked myself many times while researching or calling in products, or scanning the gluten-free section at any given grocery store. I interview high-profile chefs in New York City weekly for my Serious Eats column, and there I have to conscientiously focus on bringing more women into the mix; there are plenty of incredible female chefs here, but the majority of the chefs owning and running high-end kitchens in New York are still men. Image: Courtesy of the Dusty Baker Yet when I scan my mental list of bloggers, writers, editors, developers, PR representatives and producers in the gluten-free field, the steep majority of them are women. ...more
I'm AKA GlutenNaziMom, and in my experience (in my home), the GlutenNaziHusbands of the world ...more