Breastfeeding in Public: Why this Mama Believes in Covering Up

Breastfeeding. The topic that ignites arguments in even the most reserved mothers. Let me start out by saying I didn't give my children one drop of formula ....more

Beef Chili & Soaked Cornbread

Breaking News Everybody! Yesterday it rained. I live in the desert and it rained! ...more

Liver: The new (old school) SUPER FOOD

Not to be too much of a weirdo here, but...liver's kind of stellar. That's right folks, I've gone to the completely crazy world of crazies and now include liver in my diet. You're probably all, "Okay, I kept reading when she told me lard was actually a healthy fat, I kept reading when she said fermented cod liver oil is the most important supplement, I even read about that crazy moment when this girl...more

A Message of Hope to those who are Sick

Today I wish to share my journey from sickness to health.This message is for those who are sick, tired, and frustrated with their physical body. My wish is that these words will give you hope when all hope seems lost. Many of you who have followed me over the years know my history ....more

Announcing the winner of the Canon Rebel T3i DSLR Camera!

Wowsers! We had almost 4000 entries for this baby! Ya'll really want a camera apparently! ...more

The Busy Mom's GUIDE to Becoming an Expert Real Food Chef!

In case you haven't noticed, burned food doesn't taste too good. In the beginnings of my real food journey, I produced a lot of burned food. Who am I kidding? ...more

Summer Peach Ice Cream

If you haven't noticed, summer is here. Also, if you haven't noticed, it's hot. Really hot ....more

Weekly Meal Plan 7/21/2013

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Homemade Soaked Tortillas (to blow your mind!)

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3 Awesome Homemade Seasoning Mixes

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