How to not have time for any cleaning

6.30 am wake up, weigh myself. 200 grams less then the day before, pat myself on back 6.35 am shower breakfast (apple an a cup of tea) while surfing on the internet 9 am decide its time to do something. Check fridge and cup boards for what food we are missing. Pack bag for shopping and a trip to the swimming pool. 9.30 am arrive at pool. Do 12 laps and try to avoid eye contact with that odd creepy guy 10.15 am leave pool, head to the store. 10.30 am do your shopping. Use all willpower necessary to not buy chocolate. ...more

There are not enough hours in the day. I'm lucky if I have time to eat and I really don't have ...more

Being a mother

I have a couple of times the last weeks got the question: Do you have kids?. It was even a question when I signed up here at Blogher, only that Blogher made it a bit easier for me with adding: "who live at home". The answer to the question if I have kids is a bit complicated and to just make it easier for everyone I say no. But that is not true. I do have a child. I have a son, only that he do not live with me. He is in Heaven. ...more

I posted it here because my mum read my personal blog and she is already enough worry about me. ...more

greetings from Oz

Hi I'm Dina and live in Australia (also called Oz) I have been blogging since 2005. Started my current blog in January 2006 but have just now recently taken it a bit more serious. I write about life, things that happens around me and dumb stuff I do. Oh and I'm originally from Norway. ...more

again :) Its good to know it just me being stupid....