Patterned After Our Parents?

It’s quiz time again...Chief’s warm tribute last week got me thinking about my own family.  Based on my personal experience of growing up in a single-parent home, I’ve often wondered…Does being raised in a “broken” home mean that I’m doomed to live out a similar reality?...more

Woman on Top

Who inspires you? Do you have a hero, whether fictional or real? If you could be anyone, living or dead, who would it be? This week, I have to credit Netflix for forcing me to closely consider my own heroines. I don’t own a television and Netflix has saved me from the horror of reality TV, commercials and faux news.  Adventure, Romance, Drama, Sci-Fi and Fantasy all on demand, for just $15.99/month, and a thousand times more satisfying than my defunct online dating subscription....more

Stalking by Any Other Name...

Last week’s post was about how single women can be vulnerable, even in death.  This week, I’m taking on a different kind of vulnerability... specifically, the plague of Internet stalking.* I love Google. And I hate Google.  Part of the reason that I’m “anonymous” here (at least until someone inevitably blows my cover) is because I recently discovered that I’m ALL OVER the Internet.  Someone in jail could piece together my life from birth to the present moment without too much trouble and ring my doorbell tomorrow. Not that I have anything against anyone in jail. I love people in jail.  I mean... I just don’t like strangers showing up unannounced... ...more

Farewell to a Friend...

It may seem fatalistic to launch a blog on the single life in San Francisco with a post about death, but it is a truth universally acknowledged that being single, much like living with an unknown expiration date, has often been a state associated with fear. And not only for women living in Jane Austen’s time either. The fear of death is called “thanatophobia” and it is a kind of fear that literally affects your everyday life. Apparently, there’s a name associated with the fear of never marrying too—it’s called "anuptaphobia"—and it also can encompass the fear of marrying the wrong person in life. But unlike being single, death is an inevitable bookend to life, and that fact was brought home to me (again) recently.  ...more