Is Sex on the First Date Really as Bad as You Think?

Let’s be honest. In today’s day and age, sex after marriage is obsolete for a lot of couples. But how long are you supposed to wait to have sex in a new relationship? It’s a question that has always plagued singles, and sugar daddy/sugar baby relationships aren’t any simpler....more

Don’t Want To Marry Him? How to Break Off the Engagement Without Losing Him Completely

Months prior to finding out that my older man, Derrick, was married, we had discussed the prospect of kids. I was still young and wanted a family. He, on the other hand, had three children who were grown up, and he had no desire to have more. At the time, it wasn’t a deal breaker for me—I figured one day I would be able to convince him otherwise, or I’d just get over it....more

The Dirtiest Little Secret My Rich, Older Man Never Wanted Me to Know: Part 1

After my rich older boyfriend, Derrick, proposed to me, all my fears about our relationship disappeared. In the months leading up to our engagement, I could never shake the feeling that Derrick was hiding something from me. I was also starting to have mixed feelings about what I was doing in a relationship with an older man. But after the proposal, I no longer felt like the kind of girl who was giving up sex for gifts. I no longer questioned whether or not he was in love with me—I knew he was....more

How I Handled My Older Man’s Kids Who Were Almost the Same Age as Me

here’s a pretty good chance that if you choos...more