Day 30: One Month of Practice

     I have been writing this blog for a month now.  It has been a good practice.  It has done the job of warming me up and helping me create the space in my life for writing again.  I am in gratitude for that.  ...more

Day 29: Music

     Tonight, I went to a very special gathering of women.  Tonight I went to a Dome Gathering.  What is a Dome Gathering?  It is a group of women who gather together in this Dome shaped house that looks like something Frodo Baggins would live in.  This beautiful hobbit house is hidden out in the middle of the desert.  ...more

Day 28: Compassion

     And so this evening after completing yoga,  I felt called out to my labyrinth, as I have on many evenings.  I know I have written about it many times in the past 28 days (Wow! That's one moon cycle!)  I did not figure on my labyrinth being so prominent in this writing practice.  And yet it is....more

Day 27: Dog Medicine

Nearly three years ago, my husband and I adopted a pit bull pup.  We were in no way prepared for what we got with her and our lives have never been the same since.  Not because she's a pit bull.  That's been the easy part.       Since day one, Miss P has had lots of interesting health problems.  I could wallpaper my whole office with her vet bills. ...more

Day 26: Stars

     The past few evenings after my yoga practice and before coming in here to write, I have been going out to my labyrinth for meditation.  I curl up in that beautiful womb, with my body pressed to the earth and allow myself to listen.  It is a whole body listening.  ...more

Day 25: Truth

     Truth is an interesting creature.  We think of it as something absolute, and I suppose it can be.  Gravity is a Truth.  Apples always fall down, never up.  And so gravity is a Truth we can all agree on.  And yet in other situations, Truth can be a multi-layered, multi-faceted jewel.  My Truth may not be your Truth.  My Truth may reflect your Truth in certain situations and not others.  ...more

Day 24: Inspiration

     I bet you thought I'd never get around to loading up a profile picture!  I have a new Mac we bought just before I began this little blog.  First, I had to get around to loading up some pictures and then figure out how to export the pictures and decrease the size, so it would load properly.      I am often a snail when it comes to accomplishing things, moving in small increments.  Snails do eventually get to where they mean to go....more

Day 23: Soul Voice

     I am trying to tune in more deeply with my soul.  When I meditate now I focus on going within and down into my body, down below the heart.  I listen and I try to distinguish her voice from the voice of my ego, the voice of my personality, even the voice of my spirit.  ...more

Day 22: Kindness

     Today, I was asked by someone what inspires me.  My answer to that question is Kindness.  I cannot think of anything that inspires me more.       Kindness is not always easy, especially if we feel on the receiving end of something that feels less than kind; being flipped off for minor traffic faux pas, or a rude sales clerk who would rather text on her phone than assist us.  I am trying to remember to breathe deeply when these things happen....more

Day 21: Befriending Melancholia

     I made friends with my Melancholia the other day.  I call her Mel for short.     I've spent a good portion of my life feeling Melancholy.  Even as a little girl, I can remember those terrible feelings of sorrow and despair creeping over me for no reason at all.  I could be in bed, or at school, even Disneyland, it didn't matter what activity I was involved in, Melancholia's dark grey cloud seemed to tag along.  ...more