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Catholic Pardon? Gimme a Break.

  I have long been in a struggle with the Catholic religion, and at times organized religion in general.I encourage the practice of faith. I encourage the teachings of Jesus Christ, and the teachings of any other enlightened and introspective being that can offer insight, understanding, compassion and comfort on our spiritual and physical journey as a human being. ...more

Keeping a Journal in 2009 and Other Dangerous Pursuits

Keeping A Journal And Other Dangerous Pursuits I have had a love affair...with journals. ...more

Creating a Vision Board for 2009

I don't know about you, but I was happy to kick 2008 to the curb. Yesterday, as a way of bringing in the New Year I sat with good friend and professional visionary who helped me map out my own vision for 2009. The exercise itself was liberating...and zeroing in on my hearts desires and my hopes for the future year gave me insight into some of my core desires...most of which I did not even know I had! ...more

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