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April Earthy Style Picks!

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Placenta Power

 When I say placenta encapsulation to anyone they immediately cringe, and roll there eyes at me.  Especially my family that already think I am a tad too granola.  Double especially my husband who is now going great my wife will have tons of placentas in our freezer, something he is already used to mind you ;)  I have decided to take a 3 day placenta encapsulation workshop in March and have it be a service I offer my beautiful mommas.  Regardless of the eye rolls, I am going to keep on singing the praises of the placenta pills!  By the way I get the cringing, th...more

Herbs and Roots

I have already dedicated a post to natural remedies but I have since discovered sooooo much more!  Here is the Herbal Remedies 2nd edition!  ...more

Beans Beans the magical fruit!

  For sometime now I have been cooking bulk beans and freezing them to use!  I have found it easy and super cheap!  People are intimated by dried beans these days!  Since we are a busy society I notice that families would rather buy canned and spend less of their precious time with beans!  I can promise you that if you were to take a Sunday morning and cook some beans while you are cleaning or even out in the backyard gardening you will be so surprised how easy and rewarding it is to be d...more

" Furoshiki"one of my new favorite eco ways!

 Whats furoshiki you may ask?It is the new in way to eco wrap and gift give!  ...more

March Earthy Style Picks

March Earthy Style Picks Earthy Style means to me, vegan, fair trade, organic, conflict free , up-cycled and vintage goods.  That make you feel good but are making the earth feel better!  We are all connected in the universe!  We need to be aware of everything we consume. ...more