Butternut Squash Biscuits

Leftovers are brilliant, but what’s even better is repurposing them into something completely different....more

One-Pot Gnocchi with Chicken, Mushrooms and Peas

With that big string of non-stop holidays and parties coming up, I thought it might be time to share an ultra easy dish for those hurried weeknights we all have. You know the ones. One kid has to be picked up at 4, another has to be dropped off on the other side of town […] ...more

Twice-Baked Honeynut Squash with Sage and Gouda

I saw the cutest little squash the other day at the store and I knew I had to make them. They were Honeynut squash, a new breed developed at Cornell University, are about the size of a baking potato and several times sweeter than standard Butternut squash. When I saw them I immediately thought of […] ...more

Sweet Potato and Chard Hash

I like a hearty breakfast. Something hot and savory, with an egg or two...more

Peach Upside-Down Shortcake

Last month I went to my parent’s place. Of the many fun and summery things we did, my favorite was picking their peach tree. When we arrived, the tree hung so heavy with fruit, that the limbs touched the ground ....more

Raspberry Lime Rickey

Summer charged forward like a freight train, causing me to ignore my computer for long stretches of time, choosing instead to play with the kids at the beach, or in the creek at my parents house. Here we are, the last of the month, and I feel like I’m running out of time to share my summer recipes with you. If you have stuck around for awhile then you know I’m a fan of cooking with whatever is in season ....more

Clean Eating in a Fast-Paced World

I don’t frequently try to sell things on this site, but when I was asked to share the news about Panera Bread’s new clean menu, I really wanted to share it with you because I am all for a big company doing the right thing for our diets and our planet. Especially when it means I have another healthy option when trying to feed my busy family away from home! Clean eating is the IT term right now ....more

Corn and Beet Salad

I’m doing the summer thing. I was given a brief glimpse into the world of people with free-time when all three kids went off to day-camp for a few weeks. What did I do with my 20 hours a week of free time? ...more

Arugula Pesto with Hazelnuts

This is my last post about Piemonte, Italy. As lovely a place as it is, and as much as I will miss sharing my experiences, it’s time to move on to summer in New England. However, before I do move on, I wanted to share one last recipe with you ....more

Red, White and Blue Amaretti Cheesecakes

These beauties hide a little secret or two. Number one, they are gobsmackingly good. They are so good you may tear up a little when you take your last bite ....more