Anti-Cancer Recipes: Which Onions are Winning their Civil War?

 Pity the poor Vidalia. She’s southern and mellow, which you might find charming in a mate, but when it comes to onions and their anti-cancer and other health benefits, the harsh northern types are far superior....more

10 Foods That Lower Blood Sugar

Foods that lower your blood sugar aren't just good for diabetics. They also help fight cancer and a host of other ailments. According to Dr. Jeanne Wallace, a PhD in nutrition who has reviewed the many human studies on the effects of various foods on blood sugar, the following are best. ...more
Oats, avocados, blueberries, olive oil, flax...more

Anti-Cancer Recipes: How to Handle Garlic

Itching to know the best ways of preserving garlic’s anti-cancer properties?Here’s a primer, based on advice from Dr. Suhasini Modem, a PhD in plant physiology at Michigan’s Wayne State University who studies the potent species. Best Practices for Using Garlic...more

Anti-Cancer Recipes: Sauerkraut, Butyrate, Yum

Like other fermented foods, sauerkraut contains hefty amounts of beneficial bacteria—and those bacteria turn the fiber you eat into butyrate, a powerful fatty acid. Butyrate “exerts a potent anti-microbial action against bacteria, viruses and toxins,” says Dr. Roberto Berni Canani, MD, PhD, of the European Laboratory for the Investigation of Food Induced Diseases, University of Naples....more

Anti-Cancer Recipes: Lemon, Lime, Limonene

 D-limonene, to be precise. Put it in your anti-cancer vocabulary.  It’s a member of a very fragrant class of molecules that abound in citrus–terpenoids or terpenes. Andthey’ve been shown to inhibit cancer cell progression and induce cell death.  ...more

Which tomatoes are tops?

Harriet Sugar
I count on you for the best information on what to eat and what not to eat in order to be as ...more