Vegan is the New Viagra

Veggies are hot….limp noodles are not!Turn on the TV set and within minutes you’re bound to see a commercial for any one of the numerous pharmceutical drugs being marketed for erectile dysfunction. The sheer number of those ads is an indication that a LOT of men in this country are having a problem getting it up.The problem is that these medications treat the symptom, not the cause....more

Easy Veggie Tacos

 I have 3 requirements for meals that I make at home: easy, delicious and plant strong. This recipe definitely fits the bill. It’s a favorite in my house and I’m you will love it too.Ingredients:...more

Put and End to Diabetes

“For diabetics,optimal health is not achieved by eating less to lose weight. Rather, diabetics have to make a big commitment not only to forming better eating habits but also to eating the right foods to healp the body heal.” – The End of Diabetes, by Dr. Joel Fuhrman...more