Which Water Hydration is Best for your Workout?

 In this crazy world, nothing can be simple--- not even water.  You wouldn't think to mosey down a supermarket's water aisle and leave overwhelmed. There's vitamin water, flavored water, fitness water, sports drinks and I think I once saw diet water. There's too much H2O indecisiveness; what happened to plain old water?...more

The Comparison Game

We live in a world where we strive everyday to be the best, have the best and look our best. It's been seared into our DNA since childhood when we dreaded being picked last in kickball. The same concept followed us to adulthood as MTV broadcasted stick-thin celebrities and Pinterest asks us to re-pin athletes with washboard abs.  In a perfect world we want to choke those annoying voices in our heads that say we're not good enough, but it's not always easy when we're constantly surrounded by opportunities to compare ourselves with others....more

Is Tuna Scrape the new Pink Slime?

Just when you thought the Pink Slime outburst subsided, another pink food imitation has reared its ugly head: tuna scrape. Geez, I've already seen how beef is mutilated and transformed until unrecognizable but leave my spicy tuna roll alone! This is a sad, sad day....more

Small Weight Loss Tips = Big Difference

When I decided to eat healthier, I started with small dietary adjustments: I switched to oatmeal from a bottomless bowl of cereal, soda to more water and said no thank you to the bread basket at restaurants.It would have been unrealistic for me to completely change what and how I ate overnight; it would have only resulted in getting myself frustrated and reaching for a Snickers....more

Should you go on a Gluten-Free Diet?

I love food but food doesn't always love me. Over the past few years, I've had to rethink what I eat or end up in fetal position on the bathroom floor. It's not fun and it's not cute by any means. I'm lactose-intolerant-- so dairy is never an option-- but lately I'm starting to think there's more to my tummy troubles. My beloved Luna bars are starting to cause digestive wars and I've already cut out LARABARs.... hey, I just kinda rhymed....more

The Early Bird gets the Stairmaster

I always say: the early bird gets the french fry (who wants a worm?), but I have adjusted my mantra this morning. Today I have done the unthinkable... a day I thought would never come: I was at the gym before 8 am. Crazy? Yes, but life forced me againsted my will. I've have gotten to the point in my hectic college schedule that if I don't exercise in the morning then I won't have time the rest of the day....more

L'Oreal: Are you worth animal cruelty?

Each morning after I wake up, I have a pre-day routine (1) stretch, (2) brush my teeth, (3) make my coffee and (4) plop down in front of my laptop. I was glancing at my Facebook feed when this image was thrown in my face:  ...more

Pink Slime... is it as gross as it sounds?

Over the past few weeks I've been seeing the words "pink slime" saturating my Twitter feed. I knew it had something to do with a meat filler and school lunches but didn't have a chance to pry further. Well, curiosity has finally gotten the best of me. Pink slime sounds like something that's be dumped on contestants during a Nickelodeon game show; it's definitely not something I'd want to eat or even consider food. So what's the deal with this mystery meat? ...more
what is freaking people out is the use of the term "pink slime"  the product is not pink ...more