Love at First Sight?

Would I fall in love instantly?  Just take a single look at her and know that we were meant to be?  Or would it be harder, take time?  What if she didn't love me?I'd fallen in love before.  But not like this.  This time falling in love wasn't about meeting my husband and walking down the aisle.  It wouldn't happen in a bar or over long talks in the middle of the night. This time it would happen -- was supposed to happen -- the minute the layed her on my chest, seconds after she was born....more


A year ago I was getting ready to have my first IVF egg retrieval, on a roller coaster of meds and emotions.  I had a great group of cheerleaders who repeated over and over that this was going to work and a husband who was supportive and hopeful. But I also had myself, overwhelmed with the possibility that this IVF could lead to more disappointment or that it could work and it would be mission accomplished -- both were outcomes that le   There was lots of talk of the baby that we would have, positive thinking...more