I Can’t Believe This Sold… Red Rhinestone Button Lot

 A few years ago I found these buttons in the bottom of an auction box.I thought they were unique, and knew they would sell for something.....more

...And a Good Spring Day to You!

 This morning I thought I would wake up and see this…Maybe I should re-state that.  I thought it was going to be the first day of spring,...more

What to sell on eBay: The Cookie Jar Edition

I’ve always liked cookie jars, and not just for the obvious reasons.. that they hold cookies.  When I first started selling on eBay I bought a black cat cookie jar for $8.00 at an auction.  I was so excited when it sold 158.00! Cookie jars can be tricky to pack, but easy to sell if you do your research.  Here are a few cookie jars that sell great on eBay....more

The Cheesecake Factory's Louisiana Chicken Recipe

 The first time I went to The Cheesecake Factory I fell in love with the food, the look of the place, the cheesecake and well.. the food.  One of my favorite dishes there is the  Louisiana Chicken Pasta.  I tried and tried to duplicate the taste of it, and I think I’ve finally done it....more

I love some Cajun-cookin'...can't wait to make that!


Check out my blog for ...more

My Own Personal eBay Problem... Have You Ever Had One?

 I’m sure every eBay seller has had some item that disappears then shows up again.. Only for it to disappear AGAIN.. This yellow tang fish paperweight is my disappearing problem....more

A Look at the Past: Redwork Embroidered Quilt Top

When I first started selling on eBay I wanted to sell vintage quilts. I love quilts.. especially older ones.  I like to think about all the history...more

Normal Children?? ... or Genetic Freakshows....

My children are normal in the way that they like to play video games… but I think they are pretty strange in the way that they like to play them in a box.  ...more

Spring is On the Way!

It’s been a cold snowy winter here in Kansas, but today it  was 54 degrees (#1 even went out and dug a new garden for me.. she’s cool like that).   I had a blog all planned out about Etsy stuff.. when I looked through a photo album titled “SPRING” and saw these photos I took last year....more

It's been a long time--I probaby did this back in '02 or '03.  I bought a few perennials ...more