Going through THE change.

So I am going through THE change.  No, not that change, but the blogger to wordpress change.  Yes after much thought,  I am proud to say I have a self-hosted wordpress blog and website.  The website can be found here and the blog can be found here I am so proud of myself!  There are a few tweaks here and there that need to be made.  But overall I think I can firmly say that wordpress IS better than blogger.  It's not as pretty as I would like it to be, but the flexibility ...more

Blog Designing and Giveaway

I recently got into blog designing and I just changed my layout to my blog on blogspot (intelligence-is-a-curse.blogspot.com).  I think it looks nice and I'd like to extend out my new found love for blogdesigning to make a blog design for another blogger user.  Note: You MUST be a blogger user.  If not I can't help you...sorry! This will be 100% free ...more

4 weeks...3 days

It's been 4 weeks and 3 days since I've been a member of blogher.  Am I honestly enjoying it? No not really.  But I keep on updating this in hopes of it becoming more interesting.  The communityness I was hoping to find is not really here.  I've come across a couple of helpful and kind individuals but after one or two exchanges of words I never hear from them again.  Ahh well I'll give it a little while longer... ...more


Spring is finally here!!! Spring is officially my favorite season, at least in America.  What's your favorite seasonand why? ...more

How I'm Graduating College Debt Free

Since I've been in college I've actually made money and I haven't spent a penny neither have my parents.  There are many college opportunities out there that require just a 3.0 GPA and a 1000 SAT score on Math and Verbal.  A good way to get school funded is to apply for scholarships.  I think this is a great list of scholarships but they may be slightly outdated since it is in reference to scholarships available during 2004. ...more

Mas sobre Florida

 On my blogger blog I've already made three entries about my trip to Florida, you can find the links here: Day 1 Day 2 Day 3  I still have two more to go but I am too tired and am having one of those weeks where all the procrastinating starts to catch up to me I'm really busy.anyway here is a sneak peek.   ...more


I just got back from an awesometastic time in Florida.  It was the first time I've been in my life.  It was for an academic team competition ut we were able to sneak on over to Magic Kingdom before all the events were over.  Jurnee Smollett (the girl from the great debators) was our guest speaker and Michelle Obama was suppose to e as well but was unable to make it.  It was tons of fun. ...more

Quick way to network | Have you ever heard of a blog party??

Well neither have I at least that is until today. 5 Minutes for Mom's is hosting the Ultimate Blog Party 2009. You don't really have to be a mom, just have to love kids...and since I plan on being a mom someday I guess that counts. ...more

It's the first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere! What season do you want it to be where you live?

Personally all I ask for is 70 degrees 365 days 24/7 that's ALL I ask for. ...more

Do you behave differently online than you do in real life?

In real life I'm quiet. I don't talk much. I'm not shy, I'm just a listener. I do, however talk a lot to my close friends. Online I definitely have much more to say than I do in real life but I still "act" the same. ...more

but I don't know how...*shrug*more