Are You a REAL Journalist, or Just a Slacker Blogger in Fuzzy Slippers?

 As a blogger, you need to ask yourself this question:  Are you a serious journalist, or just an uneducated poser who is but a pesky thorn in the side of your local Public Information Officer? ...more

Who Wore It Best? The Women of Dress for Success!

So it’s the day after the Oscars and the tabloids and media will be abuzz reviewing who wore what on the red carpet (and ready to rip them apart if they erred in any way … sigh.)...more

5 Internet Marketing Lessons You Can Learn from a Dung Beetle

Behold the lowly Dung Beetle — an insect who ekes out a humble existence by eating the poo of other animals. Woe to this poor creature that spends his days in scalding environs while foraging about for feces.But not so fast. Is the poor Dung Beetle really so different from my fellow internet marketers and me? Could we share far more than meets the eye?...more